Alli and Lance


how they asked

I always thought I would be expecting Lance to propose. I always thought I would see it coming. Boy, was I wrong…. Lance and I had been apart all summer because he was touring with his band, leading worship all across the United States. I told him I didn’t want to wait any longer to see him, so we scheduled him a flight and I picked him up from the airport two days after the tour ended. I was thinking he would DEFINITELY propose this week. But long story short, Lance somehow completely changed my mind and made it seem like there was NO possibility of that happening. He expressed that he had no money and he couldn’t afford a ring.

He told me that he hasn’t had the time to even look at one (which is actually true). He hadn’t gotten a second alone with my Dad to ask him. So in my mind, all chances of there being a proposal was out the window. Back in June, I won a contest for a free individual photoshoot with Kasey Little Photography. I was so excited — free pictures of me! Or so I thought. Lance ended up contacting Kasey (behind my back) on Facebook, asking her if she would be willing to turn this photoshoot into an engagement session. Lance asked me to be his girlfriend during sunrise, so he made sure he would ask me to be his wife during sunrise as well.

So, Kasey messages me and tells me that she would like to do some sunrise pictures on the beach. I happily agreed and we planned it. I even asked her, “my boyfriend will be in town so he will have to come. Is that ok?” Little did I know. So, Lance and I wake up at 4am to venture to Vilano Beach to get sunrise pictures of me on the beach. When we get there, Kasey starts to take pictures of me for about 15-20 minutes. When the sun starts rising, Kasey asks me to face the ocean and sun so she can get a back shot of me. A few seconds later, I feel a hand on my back. Lance turns me around, tells me he loves me, and gets down on one knee.


I immediately started screaming. He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes. It was only 7am so I’m sure I woke up everyone that was staying in the condos. It was the most magical moment of my life. I keep replaying it over and over in my head.





Special Thanks

Kasey Little Photography