Alli and Josh

How We Met

Josh first saw me when I was volunteering on the Host Team for our college ministry called The Living Room. He noticed me greeting him multiple times over the semester and he thought I was cute. I didn’t even notice him because I was greeting so many people. He then followed me on Instagram and when I noticed he went to The Living Room as well, I followed him back! I told all my friends about this cute guy from church that followed me and he became my Instagram crush. I decided to go to another college service with my friends one night over the summer and believe it or not. there he was!!

Alli and Josh's Engagement in At my neighbors farm in Waleska, Ga

I was so excited I actually followed him to the bathroom in hopes that he would talk to me. He sadly didn’t come talk to me that night but he later then sent me a message. We started talking over the phone and everything felt so great and supernatural. He was the only guy I felt like I could open up to. He took me on my very first date EVER and it was an absolute dream! A little while after, he came to my house (literally in the middle of nowhere) and we had our very first kiss by this big tree overlooking my neighbor’s farm. It became our favorite spot. In that same spot, he later asked me to be his girlfriend and we carved our initials on “our tree”. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

Alli's Proposal in At my neighbors farm in Waleska, Ga

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At my neighbors farm in Waleska, Ga

How They Asked

On November 16th, Josh had planned a photoshoot for us at my neighbor’s farm. I was so excited I bought a dress and got my nails done with a friend and I couldn’t wait! When he came over, I saw how jittery and nervous he was.

I knew something was up because he was literally standing at the door jumping around waiting for our photographer. We then went to my neighbor’s farm and started to take our pictures. She asked us to start dancing and as we did he started to tell me how much he loved me.

He got down on one knee and I said YES! That night my family and friends surprised me with an Engagement party. Josh had been planning this for months with my family and best friend, Brooke. I never felt more loved in my life. I can’t believe I get to marry him next October!

Special Thanks

Katelyn Sweeney
 | Photographer
Brooke Viger
 | Planning