Alli and Chris

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How We Met

Chris and I met in college at James Madison University. I was his Orientation Guide, and dating one of your first years was a serious no-no, so I never considered that we would ever be anything more than friends. We stayed close through college, watching football games together and running into each other out and about. We each dated other people and did our own things. It wasn’t until after I graduated that I learned Chris had a crush on me the whole time. We reconnected at a Homecoming post-graduation and it grew from there!

how they asked

To celebrate our 3 year anniversary, Chris wanted to take a trip down to JMU. I knew we had plans to walk around campus, go shopping at the bookstore, and go out to a nice dinner. The day was going as planned, until I noticed Chris was starting to stall. We walked around the main part of campus, “The Quad,” jumping from spot to spot. Eventually, Chris wanted to go over to the “Kissing Rock,” a giant rock on the side of the quad. JMU began as an all-womens’ college, and when the girls would get taken out on dates they would get a kiss behind the rock. The legend now is that the person you kiss on the rock is who you will marry. At this point, I was pretty tired from walking around all day, and we had kissed on the rock plenty of times before that, but I obliged and we shared a smooch. Before I knew it, Chris was down on his knee asking me to marry him. It was a beautiful homage to the school we both love and the place that brought us together in the beginning.

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