Alli and Aaron

How We Met

Aaron has made my life a fairytale since the beginning. I refer to him regularly as my unicorn because I didn’t know men like him existed until I met him. We met just sitting next to each other at a Ducks vs. maple leafs hockey game. My girlfriend and I weren’t even originally sitting next to him but the guys in front of us gave us their seats. Talk about fate! We gave each other such a hard time because I’m an Anaheim Ducks fan and he’s an LA Kings that I didn’t expect it when he asked me for my number! 48 hours later he took me ice skating and the rest is history.

Alli's Proposal in Zermatt Switzerland

How They Asked

Aaron and I were traveling to Switzerland for a ski trip for Aaron’s “dirty thirty” with a few of our closet friends. I had traveled there over 10 years ago with my parents and had taken a photo by the Matterhorn that has hung in my family home since our trip, so Aaron had the idea that we had to re-enact it for my parents as a gift.

It was the final day and it was so clear and dreamy out after a few days of harsher conditions, we couldn’t wait to go up to the top to see the Matterhorn. Aaron skied all day with the boys and his sister and I met them at the bottom of the hill to all ride up together in the gondola.

Once we got up there we went to reenact the photo from my childhood and Aaron suggested once of me facing the mountain. After hearing a few clicks his sister very nonchalantly told me to turnaround, only to find Aaron down on one knee!