Alleyn and Bobby

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris, France in front of the Eiffel Tower

How We Met

Bobby and I met at a benefit car show in Phoenix, AZ. Months before that, we had starting chatting on FB and texting each other every now and then. You see, the main reason we met is that we drove the same car and were into anything that had to do with cars. Bobby had a car that was a legend in that community and everyone wanted to know who the owner was. The stories I would hear about the owner and how the car became this legendary “pink car.” I was a admin on a FB group for the cars we had and one day he had requested to join. As I was looking through his pictures to make he should join, up pops up the pink car! I was so excited that I added him right away, introduced him and sent him a message. The day we met is something we will never forget. We might have different views on who was waiting on who at the show, but if you ask me, he was waiting for me! hahaha From that day forward we were inseperable! We were Best Friends Forever and still to this day say we are BFFs.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Paris, France in front of the Eiffel Tower

Alleyn's Proposal in Paris, France in front of the Eiffel Tower

Alleyn and Bobby's Engagement in Paris, France in front of the Eiffel Tower

how they asked

Anything that Bobby and I have done in our lives together always has a great story behind it. Our engagement is one of the best stories we get to tell over and over again! Until our wedding day of course! August 17, 2016, Bobby came home on my birthday to wish me a Happy Birthday and handed me a card and another envelope. As I started to open the letter, I noticed that he was in the other room looking at me, but didn’t think anything of it. I opened the envelope and was staring at a flight itinerary and couldn’t figure out why on earth he would take me to Chicago! He is a huge Bears fan, so it wouldn’t be a far fetch for him to surprise me with a trip so he can see his beloved Bears, haha. I told him, “why are we going to Chicago?” Bobby said “Keep reading, on the other side of the page.” As I turned the page and saw it said Paris, I started to ball! I mean ugly face balling! At that moment, I walked over to Bobby and he just stared at me and hugged me. I guess he was waiting for a different reaction, a reaction that made him wait in the other room… I was supposed to be jumping up and down and yelling in excitement. Dont let me tears fool you, I was so excited, shocked and happy that my reaction was crying!

Proposal Ideas Paris, France in front of the Eiffel Tower

So the countdown begins! Paris in April 2017 here we come! January 2017 comes and we start to plan our trip… We threw London in the mix and since we were there, wanted to see everything there too!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Paris, France in front of the Eiffel Tower

The first day/night in Paris was amazing! We walked down the street to get a bite to eat and then ended up at the Moulin Rouge which I wanted to see and was pretty excited about it!

This was about 11pm and we decided to head back to the hotel to see if we can sleep. We had an early day tomorrow for a tour of Versailles. As we were walking down the street, there were many little cafes and bars that have seating outside that are pretty cool if you like to drink and smoke cigars! Well we do! Bobby suggested sitting at this one place, but the service never came so we left. I kept telling him we should just go to the hotel and sleep. He agreed, but then quickly found another place and wanted to go there, so I agreed.

We got some beers cut a cigar and as we were about to drink, he pulls out a box and tells me that he brought his anniversary present with him and wanted to give it to me. Our anniversary was literally 7 days away and I was shocked and surprised! I packed his bag and didn’t see that in there at all haha.

The next morning we came back from London, we had a guided tour of Paris and had a lunch waiting for us at the Eiffel Tower 2nd floor restaurant. It was so exciting to see all of Paris and to learn the history of the city. We took a river cruise just before lunch and I noticed Bobby was biting his nails and kind of quiet, but I didn’t think nothing of it.

Lunch was another great experience and couldn’t believe we were actually on the Eiffel Tower! We got to walk the 2nd floor before left to explore some more!

We finally leave the tower and we had a goal that we were going to take a picture at the platform from across the way so that we can hang it in our Paris bathroom at home. I was kind of the same way I was the first night when we wanted and insisted on getting a place to have a beer lol. Here we go up I don’t even know how many flights of stairs to get this picture. We finally get to the top of the platform and now he has to go to the bathroom! hahaha We finally get to the edge and he is looking around trying to find someone to take our phones and take a picture. I thought it was a little odd that he gave both of our phones for one picture, but figured since we didn’t have service, he probably didn’t want to wait till we got WiFi for me to send it to him. We get positioned, take some shots, then he starts kissing me and hugging me and telling how much he loved me and can’t imagine life without me. At that moment, he gets down on one knee, pulls out the ring and ask me to marry him!

I was such in shock and surprised that he did it and did it in Paris I couldn’t get my hand down to him! I was so excited and happy that he would chose me to be his forever.

We can’t wait to start this next chapter in our lives!