Allen and Mallory

how we met

We couldn’t actually tell you when we first met… I started at the private school we both graduated from in 4th grade, and Allen had gone there since Pre-K! We were in pretty different friend circles for the most part but started to hang out a little our senior year. A little fun fact, we were both voted “Most Likeable” as our senior superlative and the picture we took for the yearbook is our first photo together!During senior year and the next 6 years following high school, Allen and my once distant friendship circles started to overlap! He was really close with one of my good guy friends who was then dating my best friend (they’re married now!) and they ended up living together for three years of college. I frequently visited their university during our 4 years in school, and, inevitably, ended up spending a lot of time with Allen. (You’re probably thinking, oh, so they started dating in college… nope, keep reading). This time in college grew our friendship, and, by our senior year, Allen and I were super close, and I definitely considered him one of my best guy friends.After college, I moved to Dallas for a job, and Allen started his career in our hometown of Greenville, SC. We stayed in touch for the couple of years I was gone, and he came to visit once for my 24th birthday. I ended up moving home a couple years later. Most of my friends had moved away at this point, and I started spending a ton of time with one of my closest friends from growing up, who also happens to be one of Allen’s best friend. The three of us were pretty inseparable once I was back. Over the next 6 months, I spent more and more time with Allen, and, eventually, we started spending a lot of time together without our other friend (don’t worry, he’s still our bestie and the best man in our wedding). Allen and I quickly realized that we were basically dating and had that fateful conversation of “What is this” at the lake one weekend while we were there with friends. Since that day, we have been together and can’t remember what it was like to not be each other’s rocks and one true partner through life!

how they asked

Allen and I dated for about 10 months but were positive we were getting married very early on in our relationship and talked about it frequently. I was pretty sure we would be getting engaged and then Allen bought me tickets to the Biltmore House as an early Christmas present, and I was 99.9% sure he would be proposing there. The weekend before our trip to Asheville and the Biltmore, Allen was at a boys’ weekend and I was spending the weekend with my family. That Saturday morning, I was up and getting ready for a trip to the SC mountains with my parents and sister’s family. We were all in the car driving towards the mountains (in a very roundabout way which I pointed out several times to my dad) when I spotted a vineyard that I had told my sister about. I pointed it out to her, and my dad goes, “Oh, should we stop?”. I was very caught off guard as I was under the impression that we had a strict timeline for dinner reservations that had been. My sister insisted we stopped and I, very confused, just went along with the group. Once we stopped at the Vineyard, we all went in. I had my dog with me and so my dad insisted I go outside while the rest of the family went to the bathroom… weird that my family ALL needed to go to the one stall restroom at the same time, but I was shuffled outdoors so quickly that I didn’t even have time to ask questions. As I walked outside, I immediately saw Allen down the stairs and knew exactly why everyone had been so weird all morning. I basically blacked out for the entire proposal and didn’t even notice the photographer about 5 feet away from me for about 10-15 minutes. I do remember Allen being thrown off that my dog was there (him on one knee with my dog up on his knee is by far my favorite picture though!), telling me he loved me, and opening the ring box. I can’t remember the details, but I do know it was the most perfect moment of my life After I got my bearings, Allen gave me another gift (beyond his proposal and the ring). My family has a farm in Ohio that has had the most picturesque, quaint barn on it since the 1800s. Unfortunately, it had to be torn down this year for structural safety reasons. It was a really hard weekend for my family as we tore it down. It was the place I spent countless summers with my Grandpa and cousins and the spot I always envisioned my future wedding. Allen came with my family to do the tear down. It was so special to at least share its last days with the man I was confident I would marry. Unknown to me, Allen took a beam from the barn and formed it into the centerpiece of the table holding a bottle of wine and my ring during the proposal. It’s so special to have that piece of a place I have always cherished and also let it be a representation of our future together.

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