Allen and Britni

Allen's Proposal in Fricanos Pizza in Muskegon

How We Met

Allen and I met February 2013. We were in a pub down town, and hit it off during conversation. I instantly fell in love with Allen, he was such a gentleman, every conversation was filled with laughter. I knew Allen was the one for me shortly after we met. One of the downfalls of meeting Allen was, he lived 1200 miles away from me. Although, his family lived in the town that we met it. For months we both traveled back and forth from Michigan to Wyoming. And then finally he talked me into moving to Wyoming, we traveled a lot, and I went to school out there. And then we found out we were pregnant. After that great news we decided to move back to Michigan so we could raise our lovely daughter Hailey around family. Hailey arrived and our life was filled with such joy!

how they asked

It was our 4th anniversary, and Allen and I were both bummed because we knew we wouldn’t see each other on our special day, due to our opposite work schedules. Allen had the day all planned out and had taken a vacation day to make this the best anniversary yet.

Allen put so much time, hard work and effort into this. I got out of work and came home to one of my good friends Kristin (She usually watches our daughter in our hour layover of one of us getting out of work and one of us going to work, so it was typical for her to be at our house when i got home) when I opened the door she was standing in my kitchen holding a rose with a note attached that said “Go be pampered and feel beautiful, even though you are beautiful to me always”. There was an outfit laid out on my bed to wear. The next instructions were to just wait… Next a Volkswagon bus pulled in the driveway and i was pretty shocked!.. our chauffeur got out and it was a close family friend, Steve. The bus windows were decorated and it was equipped with beer and snacks…thank goodness, because at this point my nerves were kicking in.

Our next stop was Dulyea’s (my favorite hair salon) where another one of my good friends Sam was waiting with another rose that read “I couldn’t forget to have your feet pampered too, so head up the road” after getting my hair curled we hopped back on the bus.. slammed a beer and headed up to PT nails where my friend Stephanie, who serves in the Navy, and was home from Cuba, was waiting with another rose that read “this is the place you’ve always liked to shop, so go get something new. It’s on me”. after Allen treated all of us girls to pedicures, we all got on the bus, jammed out to the radio, had another drink and headed to the mall.

At the mall was my good friend Erin, my mom and step-mom waiting for me with another rose that read “This is the place where it all started, go have a drink on me”. After shopping and picking out an outfit (or 2) we all loaded back on the bus, at this point it was getting to be a cozy ride, I had my closest friends with me. We listened to music, sang, danced and had a few more drinks. I was starting to relax at this point.. We arrived at the pub that we met at, and found out they were closed on Tuesdays.. so we went down the road and met up with Allen’s Aunt and his mom, they both had roses that read “Finally, go enjoy dinner with the people you have picked up along your journey” “I will meet you for a drink when I get out of work”.

We all headed to Fricano’s pizza where Allen’s childhood friend Eddie and his girlfriend Jasmine were. Along with my dad, who i was told had our daughter the entire day.

Next, Allen came walking out behind me with our daughter, who was wearing a shirt that said “Mommy say YES”. Allen got down on one knee and asked me to be with him for the rest of my life.
I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal, and for Allen to have the ones we love most included in this day was the best part. I was extremely surprised he kept this a secret.. along with all of my friends and family.