Alleigra and Daniel

How We Met: We met through mutual friends. I was infatuated with his high cheekbones and facial hair. We became really good friends and I trusted him with all my embarrassing secrets and he was a trustworthy confidant. Seven years later we went to a concert and the music was playing and we were swaying and fell in love. It has been the best accident of my life.

how they asked: I was in a bad mood. I was prepping for having guests for dinner when Danny come in and says the couple cancelled. I was choked. So he guilt tripped me into going to see my sister in White Rock. She had been bugging me a few weeks back to hang out so we went out to visit her. It was cold. We walk to the pier and she’s not there, “running behind schedule.” There is a guy set up drawing a picture of a couple, a caricature artist. Danny suggests we get a photo drawn and I think it’s stupid – we already have a caricature of us and I don’t want to spend $5.

I was extremely grumpy and pms-ing. We sit for a drawing and it’s a silly picture. Then the artist asks me to help him finish a picture and he pulls out the drawing as Danny gets down on one knee. I scream and knock the ring to the ground (on the pier!!) and I said yes! Two of our friends were there filming and Danny got a secret photographer. Because I was in such a bad mood I was not expecting it in the least and was so caught of guard!

Image 1 of Alleigra and Daniel

Image 2 of Alleigra and Daniel

Image 4 of Alleigra and Daniel

Image 3 of Alleigra and Daniel

Caricature Artist: Cory