Allanah and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met through mutual friends, I still remember the first time I met him; what the weather was like, what I was wearing and how he stood out to me. Alex was from Tasmania and moved over to Perth, we didn’t really speak at first but then quite some months passed and we started chatting and I realised how much of a great, genuine person he was. We began dating after a couple of months of spending quality time together and moved in together a short time after. Alex has worked away most of our relationship which took some time to get used to at the start as we wanted to spend every day together!

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We have been together now for 5 years, we’ve travelled to some amazing places together, shared ups and downs and made some incredible memories. We have so much fun together, are very supportive of one another and have the same dreams in life.

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During 2015 I was thinking “Hmm… I wonder when Alex will finally pop the question?!”

how they asked

Our first date, we drove to Kings Park in Perth, Western Australia and through out our relationship have been back for dates, dinners etc. so you can imagine it’s a place that holds special meaning and memories to us both… So Wednesday 22nd of June (the day before Alex flew out to work) he said “Let’s go out for lunch somewhere”, I got ready and we drove to get some lunch then he mentioned we were going to have a picnic somewhere. Alex drove us to Kings Park and in my mind I thought ‘It’s our favourite place… Oh wow if he did propose here it would be so romantic’.

So we parked the car, unpacked our lunch and sat on a blanket watching the world go by. Alex was so quiet, I kept wondering what was wrong then it started to rain so we sat under one of the gazebo’s in the park; about 20 minutes went by and Alex said to me “Let me know when you want to leave” so I thought ok it’s not going to happen today (LOL!), a few more minutes went by and he said “Let’s go and sit on the grass again, it’s not raining anymore”.

It was cold and a little windy but the rain had stopped and the sun came back out, Alex said to me “You look so cold, stand up and let me cover you with the blanket” so I stood up and when I turned around to him, he was bent down on one knee and pulled out a box from his jumper pocket, then with teary eyes said “It’s come to that time babe, I love you so much and I want to ask; will you marry me?” With the box open, looking at my man and my ring, of course I was a mess with tears down my face – I said YES!

Alex placed the ring on my finger and we both wiped our happy tears away, he then said “You don’t know how nervous I was and I’ve been working up the courage all morning to ask you”. This is a moment I will never forget, every time I go through the whole day in my mind I tear up. The next 30 minutes or so after he proposed we had a celebratory wine & beer (which he had secretly packed with snacks in cooled bag, we then sent texts to our families and a couple of close friends.

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We’re so in love and have already started to plan our special day! X

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