Alla and Vlad


How We Met

We met in 2014 on May 11 at a friends wedding, it was actually after the wedding, I was with a friend and we were debating on whether to stay for a little later or leave back to Utica, because the wedding was in Syracuse NY. While I was deciding what to do, he was at home laying on his bed deciding whether to come to the park where we were or not. He came, we introduced ourselves, and hung out. There were a few guys wanting to get my number, one in particular just would not leave me alone! So I told Vlad, I said, you are going to be my savior, please! To which he responded, ofcourse!later that evening he took my number and wrote me a text message everyday! In the morning, I would wake up to a text message from him and in the evening I would fall asleep to a text from him!

how they asked

Vlad asked me to have someone work for me for Saturday because he wanted to spend more time with me:) I was just happy to spend more time with him so I asked for the day off! When I got to Syracuse he asked me if going to a maze would be a good idea, I’ve never been to a maze before so I said of course I think it’ll be fun! When we got to the place, we walked up a winding hike trail to the maze, it took us 30 min! When we got to the entrance of the maze he said okay, this is where I have to blindfold you, I will bring you to the middle and you have to count to three and then you can take the blindfold off and come find me..:) I was getting very excited now because of the fact that I would have to find him:) As we were getting closer to the “middle” I started smelling smoke, I’m like, honey I smell smoke! He’s like, yeah there’s some here… As we kept walking I heard a distant, beautiful instrumental playing!


At that point I said, this is NOT a maze! Can you take this blindfold off? What I saw was an absolute dream! He had me standing on the highest mountain overlooking a valley with homesteads and more magnificent mountains on the other side! I front of me was a beautiful picnic display and a small campfire going! I was stunned! While I was admiring the whole scene and him, he got down on his knee and I said yes!!! He then read the front page of a book that he made of all of our text messages beginning with the very first one, it was a commitment that he made, to love and to cherish me for the rest of outlives, and signed it! It’s official!!! I’m engaged to the most thoughtful and amazing guy out there!!! Can’t wait to spend forever with him!


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