Alizabeth and Nicholas

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How We Met

THE YEAR OF 2015: It all started after the summer of 2015, Nick’s cousin Alex started working at the front desk at Cameron family YMCA. After summer camp that year so did Alizabeth. Nick got a membership free at the Y, thanks to Alex. Nick would come in every other day or so, and smile at Alizabeth and ask about her day(not knowing she had a boyfriend). One day Nick asked his cousin, “Who’s the cute new girl at the kiosk?” Alex answered, “That’s Alizabeth, and she’s my friend so you can’t date her…plus she has a (loser) boyfriend”.



In 2015, after Alizabeth’s birthday weekend a few of her friends asked if she’d want to go with them to Disneyland, but Alizabeth declined saying she had to work. Nick heard that Alizabeth was newly single, and asked if she wanted to go after he was done at work. Since he said he was going to go “with or without” her going, but that wasn’t exactly true Alizabeth found out later. Alizabeth being a little reluctant asked Nick’s cousin if he was a serial killer or something. Alex said he’s good. (He plays video games and goes to the gym so he had no time for murder sprees). Nick got Alizabeth’s number from his cousin and asked her about details, and it was decided that Nick would drive up. The trip took longer than planned, but we didn’t mind. We talked about our pasts, both good and bad. What I remember the most was the honesty. Anything I asked Nick he would answer it, without question. He didn’t try to sugarcoat his past, he told it how it was. We talked about our families and how important they were to both of us.

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When we got up to Disneyland we texted Alizabeth coworkers to see where they were. They had just gotten their Space Mountain return time so Nick and Alizabeth hung out by ourselves for a little longer. We decided to go on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Where I am pretty sure he let me win(which is still a win count towards myself).

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After meeting up with everyone, the group decided we needed a picture by the tree on Main Street. The photographer made us do a silly reindeer picture, and put our hands on our heads like antlers. After a few attractions, it got late, and was time to go home. We drive down together that night and had another great talk about life and everything. After that, we talked to each other every single day, and we still haven’t missed a day.

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How They Asked



In 2015 when we met, Disneyland was having its 60th Diamond Celebration and had it’s Disney Dream Collection available. During every trip we made to Disney we would always stop by the jewelry displays and look at all the shiny stuff. Like Alex and Annie’s, the charms, the earrings, and of course the rings.

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We remember noticing this special ring. It was a blue sapphire with a double halo. With it being Alizabeth’s favorite color blue she started to fall in love with it, but “I fell more in love with it when I shortly realized that the double halo was actually hidden mickeys. I loved how it wasn’t obnoxious Disney(if you know what I mean), but still had that special Disney Magic we loved”.

Every trip after that we would stop by all the displays through both parks and Downtown Disney to just look at that same ring. Once when Nick’s mom was there we even had them take it out so we could look closer at it.

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Little did Alizabeth know in September of 2016, when we went on a Disney trip with Alizabeth’s mom, Nick bought the ring. He was able to sneak away, look at sunglasses for his upcoming work trip to Japan, go to World of Disney buy the last ring in my size, charm and come back all while they were standing in line and wait for a Starbucks.

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The entire rest of the day he walked around with that ring in his pocket. We hadn’t even been dating a year. She had no idea to even be looking for the ring, plus Nick came back with a cute sapphire charm, to throw her off his trail. We spent the next year and a half trying to find the ring after the 60th anniversary was over, looking for that same ring Nick had hidden away.

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December 1st, 2017. It was Alizabeth’s birthday and Nick got her a card saying “IHM taking you to Club 33 for your birthday, I want you to dress up as Cinderella.” Alizabeth picked out a navy blue tulle long skirt for the occasion. December 8th was the day for Alizabeth’s “birthday” party. We had Nick’s parents and Alizabeth parents along with other families. Alizabeth later said she thought it was weird that Nick’s mom was out in LA for a “school bus driver seminar” and that Josh, Nick’s dad was coming out to surprise her, so she was a little suspicious, but later said she didn’t notice a ring box or anything misshapen in my shirt or pants.

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That’s because earlier in the day Nick gave the ring to his dad to hold onto. We get into Club 33 and were walking around taking pictures. Everyone starts judging Nick to make his move, but he wasn’t quite ready and he was REALLY nervous, but he finally pulled Alizabeth to take pictures by the tree. After a few pictures, Nick got down on one knee and tearfully asked Alizabeth to be his wife. That day was special in the fact that in 2015 Nick asked Alizabeth to go to Disneyland, and two years later on the day, he asked her to be his wife.

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After Alizabeth said yes, Disneyland carolers came down the staircase and to the foyer of Club 33 and sang, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” Completely (not) planned by Nick, and yet the Disney Magic that sparked their love back in 2015.