Alizabeth and Leeron


How We Met

Leeron and I met back in July of 2014. He started an event company in Florida, with some friends called Dayglow (Today known as “Life in Color”). He moved to Los Angeles, and shortly after his move, I moved from Baltimore to Miami and worked for the company he was once a partner in. I knew all of his friends and he knew mine but we never met. About a year in, I moved to Los Angeles, and by complete coincidence, we happened to have met each other. We found out that we both worked for the same company in South Florida and then started dating for 2 years after that.


how they asked

Leeron proposed to me at my restaurant, Ocean Prime in Beverly Hills. He is a digital media and commercial producer here in LA. So, he tricked me into thinking that I was going to be in a commercial! He contacted my boss and had him fake an email from our corporate offices saying that they wanted a commercial shoot for the Beverly Hills location. I immediately referred Leeron and the rest was all a surprise.


For an entire month I was under the impression that I was going to be the subject in this commercial, talking about my private dining and special events experience here at the restaurant.


The video is great.


Our Video

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Special Thanks

Leeron Cohen
Eli Sokhn
Alexis Mendez