Aliza and Zach

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How We Met

A real life Jewish romantic comedy: It was Christmas Eve, and being Jewish there’s obviously only one dinner option – Chinese food! Both of us were invited to the local kosher Chinese restaurant by separate friends who were attending the same dinner party. I was hesitant to go since I didn’t know anyone and I’ve since learned that Zach felt the same way. Thank goodness we both ended up there that night though! I was working for the New England Patriots at that time – after Zach found out, one of the first things he asked me was “Are you a cheerleader?”. It wasn’t that original, in fact I found it pretty annoying since I had heard it before. Seeing past that introduction, we ended up sitting next to each other since we didn’t really know anyone else and exchanging travel stories the whole night. I was so awe struck by how smart and cultured he was and I knew I wanted to learn more about him. By the end of the night, our first date was set for the next day: what else besides a movie on Christmas Day?!

how they asked

Continuing on with the Jewish romantic comedy theme, we had flown back to San Diego for Passover. We had just arrived and after swinging by my parents house to say hi, we set out for our one full day of solo adventure before having to do stuff with the family the rest of the weekend. Our plan was pretty simple: drive around my old stomping grounds, show him my high school, get an extra tasty lunch, and take some nice photos at the beach with the tripod that we shlepped all the way from Boston. We got to our last stop for the day, sunset cliffs. I wanted to show him the place where I spend so much time in high school. We set up the tripod, and started taking photos with the beautiful cliffs and ocean in the background. He was counting down for the next picture and got down on one knee!

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We spent what felt like a million years hugging each other as he walked over to the camera to turn off the video he had been taking!

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Then of course I wanted some still photos too, so we ended up recreating the proposal to get some snaps. It was beautiful, romantic, and everything I could have dreamed of!!

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