Aliza and Ajay

How We Met

In 2008 we found each other on Myspace through mutual friends. We began talking more on AIM and on the phone. About two weeks after talking on the phone we saw each other for the first time, unexpectedly. I was running errands with my family and he was buying milk with his sister. I was standing in a lampshade store with my aunt and suddenly my cousin calls my phone and says, “Ajay is in the grocery store next door.” She recognized him right away because they also had mutual friends and I had been talking to her most about my “cyber crush.” I quickly left the lamp shade store and walked into the grocery next door. There he was, with his sister at the cashier waiting to pay for their milk. Out of excitement, I said, “Ajay!” He looked at me and right away recognized me as our eyes locked. For us, it was a moment. Our conversation was brief because his sister paid for the milk, and my family was waiting for me in the car. We both pulled out our flip phones and as we walked away in opposite directions we were on a call with each other saying “Omg, I can’t believe we just saw each other!” Since then, we began talking more and built a friendship and eventually started dating.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cozumel, Mexico

how they asked

We decided to spend our 10 year anniversary in Cozumel, Mexico. We started the day with horseback riding on the beach and riding ATVs through the jungle. We headed back to our resort and spent a few hours soaking up some sun before our dinner reservation at 5:00 pm. Which, by the way, boggled my mind because the man I have known for 10 years would NEVER choose to eat dinner at 5:00 pm. But, he did so I went with it. While sunbathing, he seemed very concerned about the sun’s position. It was a partly cloudy day with some winds, so the weather wasn’t exactly perfect. In fact, because of wind conditions, the pier was closed for the day. When returning our beach towels, I noticed a sign of the resort’s daily activities and 6:00 pm was the “professional sunset picture.” I immediately suggested we do it, and he agreed. At 5:00 pm we arrived for our dinner reservation at the resort’s fine dining restaurant.

Where to Propose in Cozumel, Mexico

Around 6:00 pm we walked out of the restaurant and began walking on the beach. A photographer approached us and asked if we wanted to take pictures with the sunset. I already saw the sunset picture sign earlier, so I figured it was nothing special. He started snapping pics, and since there was plenty of wind, the ocean waves were a bit rough, so he suggested we go up on a balcony. We went up and took some more pics. When the sun started to set, Ajay went down on his knee and asked me to marry him.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cozumel, Mexico

Turns out, he had been in contact with the resort’s event coordinator for weeks and planned to propose on the pier to get the perfect sunset picture. But since the weather wasn’t cooperating, the pier was closed and he had to change his plan to the balcony. Little did he know, we could have been anywhere in the world and it would’ve still been just as perfect. I didn’t even notice the sunset because my eyes were locked on his, just like the first time we saw each other.

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