Alixandra and Julian

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How We Met

Julian and I met in college when I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. We can’t pinpoint the exact date (because it was likely at one of their frat parties), but we remained close friends for the next few years – often hanging out late-night watching movies like David Bowie’s Labryinth, while he made me laugh to no end. We never dated in college, just friends, nothing evermore.

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We remained friends for the next 13 years, hanging out a few times a year and catching up on our lives frequently. In 2014 I was in a relationship that just wasn’t for me, and had gone out for drinks with Julian and a mutual friend of ours. While out, I was talking to them about my situation explaining how I felt stuck. I asked them what they thought I should do and without any hesitation, Julian raised his hand and said “be with me”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

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We both kind-of laughed it off but it was at that moment I realized that my current relationship wasn’t my happy ending, he was. I ultimately went back home and broke things off with my ex a week or so later. Shortly after that, I saw Julian again for the first time since that day. He took me to lunch and then kissed me in Barnes and Noble. We’ve been together ever since!

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How They Asked

Julian and I LOVE watching ABC7 news – mainly Amy Freeze. It kind of became a joke about how fascinated we became with her life, the jokes she makes on-air, and her unpredictable fashion sense. We frequently would wake up early in the morning and walk through Central Park and go watch the news air live outside of the studio. One Friday Julian and I both took off work to hang out together, and he asked me if I wanted to walk to the studio. It was nothing out of the ordinary so of course, I wanted to go! When we got to the studio we stood outside watching like any other day, but this time… Amy waved back to us when we waved (yes, like tourists). We were so excited that after years of waving, we got a response.

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A few minutes later the reflective screen started to rise and I saw Amy standing there with a sign that read “Alix will you marry him?”. I looked over and he was down on one knee. I then proceeded to trip over some man on the street, crying my eyes out, and yell YES! Amy then came outside to congratulate us. It wasn’t until about 40 minutes later when tons of people started calling me that I realized the whole thing had aired live on ABC7 news as well as streamed all over their social media. Julian had orchestrated the entire thing via Twitter with Amy. It was incredible and so sneaky all in the same. I have yet to meet someone with a better proposal story!

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