Alivia and Sasha

How We Met

We met during our time at community college. My best friend was actually dating his brother at the time. One day after class my friend wanted to get lunch, so we invited her boyfriend. And then he invited his brother Sasha. Then from that moment we met, it was just an instant connection. And five years later here we are!

How They Asked

We went away for a few days to his uncle’s cottage at Lake Canadohta. I knew he had a ring but no idea what it looked like or how he would ask. All day Saturday it rained. So we stayed in the cottage playing games and just talking to his brother and his girlfriend. All day the boys were talking about fishing when the rain clears up, so I didn’t think anything about a proposal. But finally, when the rain had stopped, it stopped at the most perfect time of day to catch the sunset. So I went out to watch it, and they said they would join me out there. But to my surprise when I turned around, Sasha’s brother and his girlfriend were filming me. And that’s when Sasha took my hand, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him! And of course, I said YES!! I cannot wait to marry the most perfect man there ever could be.

Image 3 of Alivia and Sasha

Image 4 of Alivia and Sasha

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