Alissandra and Curtis

How We Met

Back in May 2012, we went on our first “date”. Two of our friends set it up by taking Curtis to get a drink for his 21st birthday at Chang Garden (a Chinese restaurant), then inviting me along for dinner. I thought that I was going to meet my friend there alone. When they showed up together, Curtis and I both realized what was happening and the night continued with lots of food and laughs. Little did we know that was the night that we would be meeting the love of our lives. Our friends refused to give us eachother’s contact information for a few weeks. They wanted to test things out and make sure that we genuinely liked each other. We finally got that contact information, and there’s not a day that we haven’t talked since. We spent the next few years dating and making memories. Curtis headed off to college, and I still had a year of high school left after we met. The following year, I was at the same school as he was and we spent a lot of our time doing homework together, laughing and watching ABC’s Castle. Two more years flew by. Curtis graduated college with his bachelor’s and I graduated as well. He ended up getting a job in our hometown as a Cameraman for the local TV Station. I soon followed by landing a job at a major hotel chain in our area as an Event and Wedding Planner. We have gone to Packer and Detroit Tigers games together, concerts, music festivals and even other states with each other. In our spare time, we work on remodeling our “fixer upper” house and spend time in each other’s company.

Alissandra and Curtis's Engagement in Our House

how they asked

In April, I took a trip to go see my best friend in North Carolina for her wedding shower. I came back on a Sunday and Curtis came over shortly after I got home. We were going to go get tacos for a pre-birthday dinner for me, but instead, he sat on the couch and watched the Masters for two hours. Tacos are my favorite food, so I was really excited for dinner and we have never been a couple that watches golf. After some asking, we were on our way. On the way to our favorite Mexican place, Curtis mentioned that he needed to shut windows at our house and that we needed to stop there immediately. (We bought a “fixer upper” in March) I agreed and we continued to drive. When we got to the house, I stayed in the car because I was exhausted from traveling. A few minutes later, Curtis came outside and told me to come in, then shut the door. I was confused and went inside. When I shut the door, I saw candles all over the floor and Curtis kneeling down in the middle of our torn apart living room. He began talking and I went into shock. We were together for almost 5 years when he proposed, so I was shocked that it was happening. He told me how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and build our future together. I didn’t hear much to be honest, I was too busy crying. Of course I said “YES”! Afterwards, we called our family and some friends before announcing it on Social Media.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our House

The entire moment was magical. All of the requirements, like asking for permission, catching it on camera and making it romantic, were all met. It was perfect.