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How We Met

I was born and raised in Rochester, NY and always wanted to live in the “Big City.” Four years ago I decided to make the move. Although I originally moved to the city with the intent to continue my education, I fell into the hospitality world and absolutely loved it. In 2013 I began working for Tao Group, which lead me to the night I met Zach. My girlfriend, Jenna was visiting me from home and I decided to take her out for a night on the town. I was eager to show her all the fun and exciting venues that I work for. We began our night meeting up with some of my work friends at PHD Rooftop at Dream Downtown – they just happened to be with Zach. As we walked into the venue I felt his eyes watching me, so I asked “what are you looking at?”. With a devilish smile Zach responded, “What? I can’t look at you?”. We finally sat down at our table and my friend Jenna takes a seat right in between us. Within two seconds of sitting down, Zach nudged Jenna out of the way, grabbed my face and kissed me! I was so shocked! I thought, “Who does this guy think he is?.” He responded “I’m sorry I just felt like I had to kiss you.” Little did I know from that point, I had just met the love of my life. We have now been together for almost four years and each moment has been better than the last. One of my favorite qualities about Zach is that, not only is he loving and caring, he is my biggest supporter. He’s a big family man – they are his world. To find a man who not only loves you to the fullest but also loves his and your family just the same, is truly amazing.

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how they asked

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, the love of my life asked me to be his wife. I started off the day thinking it was like any other. Zach and I had plans with our best friends Dave & Cheyenne, to go see a Bronx Tale on Broadway that evening. It was my idea for a fun couples night and Dave was able to “get tickets“ to the 8pm show. During the day, Cheyenne and I went to Dry Bar for a little pampering. This is something we always do, so I wasn’t at all suspicious that this evening would be more than what we planned.

Once I was dolled up, I left the apartment with Zach and we headed out to the car. We live in Financial District which can be a little tricky for cabs to navigate so, quite often, drivers will pick us up by the water instead of by our building. Zach asked if I was ok to walk a bit to the car and, of course, I said yes. As we were walking, Zach “attempted” to call the driver because he couldn’t find where the driver was parked. Next thing I knew, Zach had run all the way to the waterfront leaving me confused about what was happening.

After I caught up with Zach, he finally told me we weren’t going to a show tonight. In this moment Zach went down on one knee. Immediately my stomach dropped and I collapsed. I have dreamt about this day my entire life and there he was standing in front of me but, as it turns out, you are never prepared for this moment. Shocked, unable to stand and in tears all I kept saying was “oh my God, oh my God” while Zach yelled for my answer. Of course, I said YES!

As soon as I said yes, I saw a dark shadow next to me and it happened to be my brother who was hiding in the bushes taking photos of us! When we finally caught our breath we made our phone calls. This moment was truly special. Zach did not tell my mother, sister or two besties from my hometown. Being able to surprise them with the news was priceless.

After the phone calls, we made our way to a local hotel restaurant to gather our thoughts and have some time alone. And, once we felt as though we had collected ourselves, we had an intimate gathering with family and close friends. To be able to hug them all after this surprise was the best feeling. We ended our night at Tao Downtown celebrating with all of our friends and family and it was defiantly a blast! I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!

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