Alissa and Ron

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How We Met

I had been shopping for my first house and at my first showing, my realtor suggested I get a pre-approval. I told him I was completely clueless about where to start or who to call so he gave me his friend’s number who happens to work at the largest mortgage company in the country. I exchanged some texts with this mystery mortgage guy and he passed me off to one of his mortgage bankers. In the meantime, I looked him up on social media and was like “WOW okay. Following!” And on the other end, his banker was showing him MY social media profile! Soon after, he texted to check in on how the house shopping was going. A few weeks later, I saw him in real life at a local club and immediately went up to him, shook his hand and awkwardly exclaimed, “Hi, I’m the mortgage girl!” We laughed for a minute and said how nice it was to meet in person and I went on my way.

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And then our third interaction happened which finally sealed the deal. Well, almost. We matched on bumble and he immediately asked me out. I had just started dating another guy and wanted to see where it went before jumping into something else, so I turned down two different dates with him until I felt ready. After canceling a Friday night date, I texted him Sunday and said if he was still interested, I’m ready for that date. The day of our first date, it was raining and my car got rear-ended by someone on my way to the restaurant! I almost took it as a sign to not go, but he was already there waiting so I went anyway. Great decision on my part. We had such a great first date, we bar hopped into the night, and have truly been inseparable since.

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how they asked

In July of 2017, we were at a friend’s wedding in Jamaica. We kind of clicked with their wedding photographer and she snapped some pictures of us and we hung out with her at the wedding. Our friend’s wedding photos turned out to be absolutely stunning. Seriously – works of art! RK and I joked that she would be our wedding photographer one day. Fast forward to the spring – the same photographer slid in my DMs on Instagram and asked if I wanted to do a shoot while she was in Ohio. I had done pageants for years and along with the pageant-life, comes photoshoots.

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So this was nothing new or surprising for me. I agreed and she suggested I bring RK. She had me pick the day, time, location, outfits, everything. Sounded fun to me! The day of the shoot, which was to be outside, it was raining terribly (kind of like the day of our first date when I got in an accident on the way to the date!). Our photographer suggested we still have the shoot and I brought a cute hat and an umbrella and we made it work.

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We got some beautiful shots around the flats in Cleveland and our last location was this old abandoned bridge over the river. She told us to face away from each other for a few shots and then asked us to turn towards each other. When I turned around, RK was down on one knee. Kayla captured the entire reaction beautifully. To this day we have no idea what RK even said because we were all freaking out, but clearly, I said “YES!” Needless to say, Kayla Coleman was the first vendor we booked for our wedding!

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Special Thanks

Kayla Coleman
 | Photographer