Alissa and Randy

How We Met

We met through facebook on dec 10th 2015 he was a mutual friend through a guy he worked with i saw his profile thought he was cute and funny so i poked him about 4 hours later he sent me a message that made me laugh so we continued talking and 5 days later we had our first date at olive garden then we went and saw the lights at Clifton Mills after that date i knew he was the one

how they asked

He surprised me by picking me up early that day I thought he was at work and he didn’t tell me where we was going he stopped by a store and got some wine and i still had no clue why then he took me to my favorite hotel and at first i just thought it was a romantic date night then he told me how much he loved me which wasnt uncommon but this time he seemed nervous and then he started saying how im the best thing that ever happened to him and he told me he never wanted to live without me and then he asked me to be his wife i was so shocked because he never wanted to get married so with tears in my eyes i said yes then he told me he wanted me to pick out my own ring so i would like it he had already pulled out the money prior to picking me up i went and pick my beautiful ring the rest of the night was filled with phone calls and i love you’s truely the greatest night of my life now we are getting married june 1st 2018.