Alissa and Jake

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How We Met

Our story dates back 14 years ago when his family and my family met living in the same apartment building. He was always appealing but being that he was 3 years younger then me we never really pursed each other. We always had this amazingly awkward love connection. We talked sometimes but we were too shy to really be truthful about our feelings for each other. We flirted hardcore. I used to always call him husband, just to get his face to turn red and embarrass him. Fast forward we got closer and closer every year. He became my best guy friend. Turning into my best friend. We were always there for each other no matter what. He was always with someone and I was always with someone. At one point he was temporarily separated from his girlfriend in 2015. At that time I was also single and thought he finally was out of his awful relationship for good. I gave him some space thinking he needed some healing time. A month went by and I happened to one evening let the “cat” outta the bag and professed my love for him. He looked at me stunned and just said “I’m back with her, we are trying to work it out”. I was devastated, I had put my foot in my mouth. I was speechless. I just BLEW it! I now had crossed that line and there was no going back, I had no idea how much I had been falling in love with him for so many years. We kind of lost touch again while his rocky relationship lasted another year. All the while I sat back and listened to how awful she was to him and just tried to be the “best friend” I had always been even though in the back of my mind I knew he deserved better and I could give him better. Eventually his awful relationship ended (no because of me). We remained friends while allowing him to heal. We started to see each other, date and both realized how deeply we love each other. We went from puppy love to the most intimate and mature love anyone could ask for. Our love is built on a foundation of deep and unconditional friendship which has made our love strong. We have been together just over a year with bumps and curves we have remained committed to each other and our relationship. I love Jake more then he will ever know. We both profess how lucky we both are to have each other. We click so well together. We have many of the same interests and we are always down for the next adventure. We have so much fun together laughing and just being ourselves silly, goofy and all. I fall deeper and deeper in love with him each day.

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how they asked

I love rocks, yes yes rocks like from the ground buried in dirt rocks. When my oldest son was little he collected rocks, over time (hes now 17) the rock collection grew bigger and bigger collecting rocks from every walk, every journey, every state we went to from anywhere. I saved these rocks and moved them from one place to the next until he turned 13 and decided he didn’t want them anymore. Wellllll mom took a liking to these amazing shapes, sizes and colored rocks and decided to keep them. I started a rock garden every new house we moved to. When Jake and I moved in together last year he decided he wanted to add to my rock garden and asked me to get rocks from Duluth my favorite place in MN.

We walked along the beach collecting rocks and drift wood that looked like rocks. We wanted to explore the lighthouse after the beach and he asked if we could stop at the car because he had so many rocks in his pockets (his pants were falling down). We stopped at the car and as I was emptying out my pockets as well he said “babe I forgot to show you this last rock”.

I turned around to him being down on one knee presenting me with this huge (ROCK) ring blinding me, shining in the July sunlight. I immediately said “yes” and joined him on the ground in tears. I just melted into his body as he did mine. We embraced for a short while long enough to get him to stop shaking. We again professed our unconditional love and commitment to each other.