Alissa and Jack

How We Met: Jack and I Image 1 of Alissa and Jackmet in High School. We actually do not know how we truly met, but we used tohang around the same crowds, so we assume that we met sometime then. Both of us were usually “taken” so we never got the opportunity to break the ice unit my junior year of high school; Jack was a senior at the time.

He kept asking when we would hang out, but we did the usual thing kids do in high school, like pass notes, texting, and Facebooking. It all started with phone conversations lasting hours and getting to know each other (I was super shy!). Our first time we hung out together was at my older sisters hotel party (which was a big no-no for me, but she was in college :) ).

We met up there along with a bunch of some of my sister’s friends. Again, I was super shy so we were still in the awkward dating stage. During the party we continued talking to each other and enjoyed the company of our friends.

I unfortunately had a curfew and had to be home by a certain time, so we both left the party together and he wanted to make sure I got to my car safely (such a gentleman!) We both get in the elevator to get to the first floor of the hotel and just so happen to be the only ones in there.

In my mind I kept wondering if he was going to make a move or not and I wasn’t sure how long this semi-awkward intimate moment would last so I took the first move by leaning in to kiss him. I couldn’t tell if it was what he wanted, but he leaned in also!

Later on I found out that he was super nervous about it! After that moment is where our relationship all started. He ended up asking me out officially on Valentine’s Day by showing up to my house with roses and a balloon saying, “Will you be mine?” Of course I said yes! Who wouldn’t?!

how they asked: Jack asked me to marry him July 19th of 2015. Almost 7 and a half years later after we started dating. Our day was supposed to be a date planned for the zoo, paddle boating, lunch at Forest Park, and possibly a late night movie. I was pretty excited as we hadn’t gone on a day date like that in a super long time. I stayed the night at his house the previous night and went to my car in the morning to get ready. When I got into my car I noticed a letter and a rose sitting on the passenger seat.

A little confused I open the letter and it explained how our plans for the day have been slightly changed and that I needed to show back up at his house NO EARLIER or NO LATER than 2:20 pm and was not to contact him until then. So, I go home get ready do a couple of things around the house and head over to be back at his house at 2:20 pm. I arrive at his house and noticed his car isn’t there. I figured maybe he had to run out to get something and would be back. When I get inside, Jack’s older sister came down the stairs and says, “Hey! I am taking you on your date!” Again, confused I just agreed.

We walk outside to the front of the house to a limo. Another surprise, but I just get in the limo and have no idea where we were heading. I kept asking his sister what was going on, but she kept saying she had no idea. The limo stops at a bar Jack and I both work at part-time on Friday nights. Inside the bar on a table is a letter and a rose. The letter was very heart-felt and went into detail about our relationship. In tears, we left the bar and back into the limo for the next stop.

Stop number 2 was the place we met, our high school. Waiting at the entrance to the school was his youngest sister with a rose and another heart-felt letter. This letter explained our first encounter in the hallway and how it all started. Our 3rd stop in the limo was at the place where we first hung out/first kiss, like explained previously, a hotel where my sister had a party. His middle sister was waiting in the lobby with you guessed it, a letter and a rose. The letter went on and explained how this was the spot of our first kiss and was our first time we got to spend quality time together.

The last stop was at the spot of our first prom together in high school which was at a prestigious hotel. We get into the lobby of the hotel and Jack’s older sister checks us into a room. We go up to the room and on the bed is more roses, pictures of us throughout the 7 years we have been together, a beautiful dress, shoes, jewelry, and make-up.

There was also a had written letter from Jack in the room explaining that I needed to get ready and that I would be seeing him very shortly. I get dressed and have Jacks middle and older sister help me get ready. Jack’s older sister then says, “Here comes the fun part!” She pulls out a blindfold and places it over my eyes.

Image 2 of Alissa and Jack

The girls then walk me out of the hotel and onto the plaza nearby the hotel. When we arrive in the plaza, his older sister takes my blindfold off. As soon as my eyes can focus, I look up and see Jack standing there in front of a fountain. I just laugh and started to get teary eyed as I walked up to him. He took my hands and kissed me and says, “See I told you it wouldn’t be long.”

Image 3 of Alissa and Jack

He grabs both my hands and starts saying all these beautiful words to me. After he shared his feelings for me, he grabs a box from the envelope he was holding, gets down on one knee and says those four words, “Will you marry me?”

Image 4 of Alissa and Jack

I instantly start crying, but pull myself together and say YES! Words cannot describe the beauty and love I felt that day from not only him, but all of our families. I am more than happy and blessed to be marrying my best friend!

Image 5 of Alissa and Jack