Alison and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler and I met 6 years ago studying abroad in London.

how they asked

After living together in California and Washington state for over 5 years, Tyler and I decided to take the plunge and move to London where we first met. 2 months after our move, Tyler planned a date night at Aqua Shard, a restaurant in London’s tallest building (The Shard). Tyler told me that he accidentally bought tickets to the viewing platform at the top of The Shard when he booked our dinner reservations. I told him that we didn’t need to go to the viewing platform because we had already been for our 1 year anniversary in 2013. He insisted, “We haven’t seen it at night yet.” So after dinner at Aqua, we made our way up the building to the viewing platform.

Alison and Tyler's Engagement in The Shard, London

After walking around for a while, the employees started asking everyone to leave because they were closing for the evening. As we made our way to the lift, an employee approached us and informed us that we won their nightly sweepstakes. She explained that they select a couple every evening to stay after closing hours for a private tour and a glass of champagne. Obviously, we took her up on the offer!

She guided us around the floor, offered to take a few photos, and then instructed us to take the elevator down a level for our champagne. As we made our way downstairs, I looked at Tyler and said, “This is awesome! I never win anything!” When the doors opened, I saw a pathway of rose petals and candles.

I looked at Tyler with a confused face, until I heard our song “Cigarettes and Coffee” by Otis Redding playing over the speakers. Then I knew. We walked out, Tyler got down on one knee and proposed 5 years to the exact day that we said “I love you” for the first time. And I, of course, said, “Yes!”