Alison and Steven

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How We Met

Steven and I met online, not the most romantic beginning but our first date was something from a fairy tale. I own a bakery and Steven ended up having to pick me up from the shop. It was New Years Eve so we closed a few hours early but I still had to finish up a decorated sugar cookie order. I had spent too much time getting ready (just in case he came early) that I didn’t finish the cookies by the time he arrived. He was a gentleman and watch me as I nervously piped the cookies (although he said he couldn’t tell). Our date started off at an indoor gun range; I had never shot a gun before so I was nervous. Steven instructed me through safety protocols and got me comfortable with shooting a gun. We eventually had a little shooting contest. He bet that if he won, he would get a kiss, and I bet that he would have to take me on a second date.

I ended up winning. Shortly after I wish I hadn’t won since I really wanted to kiss him (of course now I’m happy the way it turned out). We then went to dinner (I was too nervous to eat!) and then we stopped at the beach to walk on the pier. We ended up going back to his truck to watch the waves and maybe make it until midnight. It was so cold and all I could think about was how much I wanted to kiss him. But Steven made me wait. We were literally inches away from each other, trying to keep warm but still no kiss. We finally heard some distant fireworks and people around us cheering and yelling “Happy New Year”. And then the best first kiss ever: midnight on New Years Eve, at the beach, under the stars, in the bed of his truck.

Alison's Proposal in Steven's parent's house

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Steven's parent's house

how they asked

Steven and I were approaching our three year anniversary and I was starting to get itchy for a ring. We knew we wanted to get married, it was now on him to get the ring and figure out how he wanted to propose. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday so I kept (not so subtly) hinting at a Christmas proposal. We did part Christmas morning at Steven’s parents house, somewhere I least suspected it. Steven is much more reserved than I am and I always thought he would do it privately. He gave me a Christmas present, which was odd since we usually do our presents separately. I opened the gift and saw a pretty silver frame. “Well that’s an odd gift from him,” I thought. I then looked at the bottom of the frame that said “Happily Ever After” with a Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse bride and groom hats. I was thinking that this was just a sick joke; that Steven knew I wanted to be engaged and this was his way of saying that it’s coming but not now. That’s when I said “What” and looked at him. He tells me to read the tag that’s on the ribbon around the frame, which says “To: Future Mrs Kenis”.

That’s when I started crying. I still hadn’t actually seen what he wanted me to see. Steven wrote “Will You Marry Me” and put that in the middle of the frame.

Of course when I see that…that’s when the ugly tears show up. When Steven got down on his knee and opened the ring box, I couldn’t even see the ring.

All I saw was the light from inside the box. I of course said yes! Christmas will definitely continue to be my favorite holiday!!

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