Alison and Patrick

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How We Met

I met Patrick through a mutual friend years before we ever started dating. He was attractive, charming and a golfer (who doesn’t love a man in golf pants??). It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college (a year or so after meeting), that he decided to ask me on a date. He pulled in to pick me up for our first date and sure enough, we were wearing the exact.same.outfit. Red Lacoste polo, white shorts and flip flops. (I include that here because imagine the nightmare)- I smiled… walked back into my apartment… threw on a pink Lacoste polo (only thing wrinkle free at the moment) and knew it had to be better than a matching red one.

Long story short, we only went on one date. Maybe the matching thing threw us off (LOL) or perhaps we were just not ready for each other. BUT fast forward to almost 5 years later, we decided to give date two a try and we’ve been together ever since (which is going on 6 years).

how they asked

It was always my dream to get married where I grew up – which is a beautiful farm, in a quaint little town, filled with the best memories. That’s what makes it special, right?

Well, I convinced my parents to rehab their barn/farm and turn it into a wedding venue. They were, of course, always hoping my wedding would be the first. So over the past year, we have been working nonstop to covert the barn into a beautiful space for anyone’s “I Do”.

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On a Friday afternoon, Patrick and I headed to the farm to work on the barn… which was a normal weekend for us this year (also why I’m in sweats ?). When we got there, my dad said “Look what I just added to the barn doors on the back” … I walked around to the back, and there was this beautiful wooden sign that read “Opening Date 2018?” the question mark was below the sign and the bottom portion of the ? was a round box that said “Marry Me?”

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… I turned and looked behind me and there was Patrick… he asked and I said “Of course!”. On June 2nd, 2018, the venue will officially open, my parents dreams will come true and so will mine.

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Special Thanks

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