Alison and Patrick

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cadiz, Spain

How We Met

Alison: Pat popped up on my Tinder app on a sunny afternoon in August 2014… I swiped right and we were instantly a match! We chatted online for a few days and quickly exchanged numbers. On our first date, Pat wanted to impress me and made plans to meet me a “sangria” bar (that was my drink of the summer at the time). I arrived early and the place was completely empty with no sign of Pat. He arrived 10 minutes later and to his surprise, this “sangria” bar had not one sangria option. We got to talking over beers instead and before we knew it, the night had flown by. I had to run home because of fashion month madness, but what really made an impression was when he ran outside in the pouring rain to hail me a cab (so I didn’t have to ruin my blowout). I never got him out of my mind after that.

Pat: Alison immediately caught my attention when I saw her stunning pictures online…I had to swipe right. I eventually found out we matched and I instantly messaged her. We chatted for a while and when she gave me her number, I was so excited to impress her and made plans to take her to this great sangria bar I’ve been hearing about. My train ran late and when I finally arrived, I saw Alison there in a little black dress, on time and sitting alone at the bar. She forgave my tardiness and we instantly hit it off. I later learned that while her all-black outfit was a common occurrence for Alison, her punctuality was not… I’ll continue to wait for her everyday (…and every night, and every morning…) just like I’ll be waiting for her at the alter.

They knew this romance was one to stay after a night that ended in the most quintessential NYC place: Penn Station at 4am… the rest is our story.

Alison's Proposal in Cadiz, Spain

how they asked

This past Labor Day, we went to Seville, Spain for a friends wedding… little did I know that I would be the next one walking down the aisle!

Since this was Pat’s first time in Spain, we had planned to spend some time post-wedding relaxing and traveling around the country. First Stop: Cadiz.

In the weeks leading up to the trip, we had booked a 3-hour sailboat ride around the southern coast of Spain for our second night in Cadiz. We ran a little bit late on the way there (thinking we could walk to the dock where the boat took off, and, after 30 minutes of waling, having to stop at a camping site, ask for a cab number and cab the rest of the way!) but Pat was not nearly as worried as I was. Now I know it’s because he had a whole plan with the crew for when we arrived. We eventually made it and took off sailing into the lowering sun. While sailing around, we had so much fun, laughing as usual, drinking wine and taking selfies. There were a few moments where we looked at eachother – just in awe of the beauty around us and feeling blessed that we were able to share something so special together.

The boat was rocky at some parts and Pat kept getting up : “Just want to check out if I can stand here!” with me yelling at him to sit before he fell overboard. Turns out he was trying to gauge if I could stand there and be proposed to! Once we had turned around to head back to the docks, I noticed Pat got quiet. When I asked him if he wanted some more of his wine and he said no, I immediately got concerned, thinking he was getting seasick! He said that we should head over to the back of the boat (where we would feel less of the “rockiness”) and I really got concerned. Once we were back there, I asked him for my sweatshirt (it was getting a bit chilly with the sun setting) and he kept rummaging through his bag, but not handing me my shirt. On ask number 3, I got slightly annoyed and went to grab it around him and he stopped me. “Before you do that,” he said… and next thing I knew, he was kneeling in front of me! To this day, I couldn’t tell you the exact words said, but I remember now what he’s been telling everyone ever since.. “Since our first trip to Europe has been unforgettable for me, I wanted to make it unforgettable for you…”

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