Alison and Jourdan

How We Met

Jourdan and I met in college while attending Alabama State University. He was the perfect jock. #19 on the baseball team, the catcher with the cute buns. The two of us bored out of our minds sitting on the floor of an apartment at a baseball team house party, it was destiny that we sat next to each other and started talking, we’ve been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

Jourdan and I try to attend church as much as possible. We’ve always said we feel closer to each other when we’re at church, it’s like God is letting us know we’re both in the right place. I’ve been attending Jourdan’s church he was raised in for over 4 years and have thought about joining every time I go but always wanted to wait until the right time. So it’s valentine’s day 2016, our 5th one we’ve spent together and it was like none we’ve had before. We’re sitting at church in the balcony where we always sit. Its toward the end of service and Jourdan gets up and runs out the door. Me being the millennial that I am, shot him a text, “are you okay?” And he responds with yes, had to go to the restroom I have an upset stomach. He did mention on the way to church he didn’t feel too well and blamed the restaurant we attended the night before. So I waited and waited for him and he’s still away and church is almost over. Next thing I know, the co-pastor says “I have my God-son down here who has something to say.” His God-son is my boyfriend! Next thing I know Jourdan was thanking his mom for teaching him what a wife should be and he calls me to come downstairs. With so many emotions going through my head, I make it down to the front of the church with hundreds of people staring at me. Jourdan is saying the sweetest words and I look into the crowd and I see a group of cell phones in the air. I look harder and it’s my 5 best friends, my parents and siblings and that’s when the tears started and I knew this was the moment. Jourdan got on his knee and asked me to be his wife, the quickest yes I have ever said! I can’t wait to marry this amazing man!

Image 1 of Alison and Jourdan

Special Thanks

Daniel Lee
 | Engagement Photographer