Alison and John

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How We Met

John and I met through our mutual love of mixed martial arts. I had been training and teaching for 10 years and John was a newer student at my original gym. I used to go back to train there once a week. When John moved up into the advanced class, he says he spotted me stretching before class and fell in love from the moment we made eye contact and I immediately blushed and looked away. A little while later, I found out through my friend that John “thought I was cute.” Of course I had noticed him and chatted with him, but once I found out he was interested in me I could not stop thinking about him!!! We started talking more and more, only to found we really have so much in common. We finally went on our first date about 6 weeks later and have pretty much been inseparable since!!

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how they asked

It was Christmas Eve 2016 and we had just come home from a Seven Fishes dinner at John’s parents. We had agreed that at least for this year, we would not be getting each other any gifts. John had just opened his own State Farm Agency two months prior and “budget” had become our new favorite word!! We decided that we wanted to spend more on gifts for our families and not for each other. I made him swear up and down not to pull one of those “i won’t get you anything, but really will” things. So when we finally got home that night and he told me that he did get me a Christmas present, honestly, I was a little upset! Then I was confused…he told me that “his buddy had dropped off the present outback.” For some reason (maybe it was all of the glasses of wine) I thought maybe he had gotten me a tree!? Reluctantly, I closed my eyes and let him guide me on to the back porch. When I opened my eyes I saw 300 tea light candles spelling out “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

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When I turned around John was down on one knee, ring in hand. I can’t even remember what he said/asked, all I know is that I said “YES!” …that’s when the flash went off! Panicked I said “there’s someone in our yard?!”

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Turns out, John had a little help from his sister and brother in law! They left dinner before us and lit the candles! It was by far one of the best nights of my life!!!

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Special Thanks

Jamie Hufnagle
 | Photographer
Johnny Z
 | Helped with the candle lighting!