Alison and Jacob

How We Met

Jake and I met in high school, although we didn’t know each other until senior year. The first time we really talked was at a basketball game with mutual friends. He saw a girl from his old school, got down from the bleachers, walked up to her and asked her out right there. She said no. Lucky me! After that, we got to know each other as friends and it eventually turned into a relationship. It being the end of senior year, at first, I don’t think either of us expected for it to last after that first summer but when it came time to go to college we decided to give it a shot. Four years of long-distance, and three years of living together, two cats and a dog later, here we are! Happy as ever we are ready for our big day!

How They Asked

Jake and I are high school sweethearts and have been together for seven years. I thought I knew everything there is to know about him, but it turns out he could probably plot my murder right underneath my nose and I wouldn’t suspect a thing. After all this time, I, of course, knew an engagement was around some nearby corner, but I had no idea about his plan. Pre-Quarantine, he wanted to propose at the Big Red Lighthouse in Holland, MI. Afterward, assuming I said yes, he planned a big party with all my friends with fireworks! A marching band!

Alison and Jacob's Engagement in Holland, MI

A trip to Walt Disney World! Alas, as social distancing measures were extended, the big plans and the Disney trip were canceled (that part was true!). Now what? How do you convince someone who is not allowed to leave the house to do so without looking like a quarantine goblin? Well, you get her to come up with the idea herself! I must have a sixth sense because I suggested we take the dog to the beach that headed to the lighthouse for some fresh well-distanced air. We could also check out my future mother-in-law’s new house nearby that she was in the process of moving into that would be empty. Jake pretended like he was lukewarm on the idea, but texts were sent and a plan was in motion. The day came and he lightly suggested we look like proper humans, and this was enough inspiration to get me to put on jeans!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Holland, MI

We packed our dog, Eggs Benedict, into the car and off we went. We arrived at the house too early, and my friend who was setting up a proposal spot at the lighthouse wasn’t ready yet. I suggested we head straight for the beach, but Jake needed to stall. Here comes Benny the labradoodle to the rescue! As Jake pretends to keep busy in the house, she has EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA all over the carpet. Bad news for the carpet, good excuse to stall for 30 minutes. Now is when I should have been suspicious because Jake was in unusually good spirits about cleaning up dog poop. Carpets cleaned and dog in tow, we finally get to the beach and make our way to the lighthouse. Finally, at our destination, I come around the corner and see the bench set up with flowers and candles and think, “Oh my god this is so embarrassing, we just walked into someone’s proposal!” I look up and see my friend with her camera and realize it is in fact, my proposal. So I immediately start crying, Jake walks me over to the bench and asks that very important question. I, of course, say, “Yes!” And Jakes replies, “I tried to stay really positive when the dog pooped.” Also, our dog is fine by the way, she just had an upset stomach and excellent timing.

Special Thanks

Emily Buck
 | Photographer