Alison and David - Surprise Airport Wedding Proposal... and a Beautiful Video Below!

Photo by Stephanie Koo Photography

David and I met 4 years ago (2007), and since then our relationship has taken us all over the country.  We haven’t always been living in the same province at the same time, but thankfully, with flight benefits, we were able to visit each other more often than others who are in long distance relationships. Long distance has always been hard, but it has strengthened us and given us a solid foundation to base our marriage upon.

Fast forward to summer, 2011. David had moved home to Ontario, from Vancouver (where we had been living for the last 2 years or so) for approximately 3 months already.  I stayed in Vancouver, until I was able to move into a different position at work, which would allow me to move home to Ontario as well. Therefore there was a lot of travel between Toronto and Vancouver around this time.

Then came September 4th. I was planning a 3 day trip to visit David and family in Ontario, as I usually did when I had a few days off. I was to meet David’s sister at the gate when I arrived (she is a flight attendant & was finishing up a flight just as I was to arrive). She met up with me, and took me to the crew room (since I soon was becoming a flight attendant as well). I later learned that this was to stall me.

A little while after, we headed down to baggage so I could obtain my luggage, and then the plan was for me to drive back to David’s house with her, for a family barbecue.

We walked out of the baggage claim area, through the sliding doors, and there was David, standing with a guitar in hand. All of his family, as well as my own, were standing behind him, smiling.

Without delay he proceeded to serenade me with a re-composed version of ‘TGIF’ by Katy Perry.  It took me a little while to figure out exactly what he was singing, as I was in shock, and didn’t want to take my eyes off him.

During the part of the song where they chant ‘T.G.I.F’, he changed it to ‘Please, please, say yes’, and got everyone around him to chime in. He paused, pointed at me, and I answered with a yes!

He finished the song, got down on one knee, and in front of our families (and anyone else waiting for their loved ones at arrivals!), formally asked me to marry him.

It was the most magical moment of my life! And thankfully, I will never have to try to remember the entire moment, since David made sure to get it on video.

So here it is! You can watch the entire thing here:

Photo provided by Stephanie Koo Photography.

The Groom-to-Be, David, is a wedding videographer – check him out!