Alison and Daniel

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How We Met

Dan and I first met while working together in 2015. I am from Ottawa but I was actually living in Calgary at the time and Dan had recently moved to Ottawa to start at the company. It was his first week on the job and I was coming back to Ottawa for a quarter end meeting. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight but by Thursday of that week, he had warmed up to me. We hit it off Thursday night while out for drinks with our colleagues and in the corniest way possible…’the rest is history’.

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We spent every day and night together for the next three weeks. It came time for me to go back to Calgary and I did not want to go. I extended my trip one more week to spend more time with Dan. As soon as I got back to Calgary, I told my landlord that I was leaving and I moved back to Ottawa one month later. We moved in together right away and have been together ever since!

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how they asked

It was a sunny Saturday morning and Dan suggested we take our dog, Harvey, for a walk at the South March Highlands trail near our neighborhood. We walk this trail often so I didn’t think anything of it – although I did ask Dan why he was doing his hair for a walk! The trail is about an hour long and at the very end, there is a bridge you walk over. We were midway across the bridge when Dan said: “wait one second.” I looked around unsure of what we were waiting for but then he grabbed my hands.

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I instantly knew and broke down crying. I, of course, said “YES!” and then noticed a familiar face taking photos. Dan had pre-planned with Amy Pinder to hide in the bush and capture the moment. We walked back home and I asked Dan if we should call my parents and go for lunch to celebrate. He seemed apprehensive. Sure enough, when I walked through the front door of our house, my parents and his parents were there for lunch. It was the perfect day.

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Special Thanks

Amy Pinder
 | Photographer