Alison and Christopher's Vegas Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Image 2 of Alison and Christopher's Vegas Scavenger Hunt Proposalhow they asked: On December 25, 2013, Alison jumped on a flight to Las Vegas to meet her family for their annual Christmas family vacation. Little did she know that while enjoying time with her family, Chris had something up his sleeve back in Houston.

On December 28th, after Alison finished brunch with her mom and sister, they went back up to their hotel room to get Ped, Alison’s brother-in-law. This is where the fun begins. Ped handed Alison a hotel envelope and told her to “cancel all your plans for the day, go to your room, read the instruction carefully, do exactly what it tells you to do and have fun!” With much confusion, Alison wasn’t sure if this was serious but Ped assured her to start on her journey.

Alison nervously walked next door into her hotel room which she was sharing with her sister, Melissa. Very confused, Alison asked Melissa if she knew anything that was going on. Together, they read the first clue which said “Hi Babe! Today is going to be an awesome day. Just a few rules… don’t read this note aloud. Seriously, I know you are, but stop. This is a solo mission. You must complete the tasks alone. Pack your bags and put on a dinner dress. Here is your new room key at the Venetian and $20 for your cab ride. Text “Dlugosz” once you have received this note. Have fun! I love you, Chris”

From that point, Alison ran back to the other room and got her older sister, Lauren, who was also clueless about what was happening. Lauren & Alison started following the instructions. Alison’s sisters packed up her luggage while Alison got ready for her special day.

Alison jumped into a cab and rode ALL THE WAY down the strip from Aria to Venetian. Once she arrived at the Venetian, Alison went up to her new suite … There was a second note on the bed. This note read “Nice suite huh? :) Go to the place we spent our first New Years together. Hint: You don’t have to go all the way to Newport Beach. Text “gondola” when you get this clue.”

Alison was anxiously pacing the room unsure if there would be another clue or her soon-to-be fiancé at the next destination. She went downstairs where Ped appeared again. Ped pointed Alison on her final LONG walk towards Chris. After a walk that seemed like 3 miles long, Alison made it. Chris was standing on a bridge alone waiting for her. That’s when he dropped down on one knee and proposed in front of a 50 person crowd that had gathered.

Image 1 of Alison and Christopher's Vegas Scavenger Hunt Proposal

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