Alison and Allen

Where to Propose in Wizarding World of Harry Potter universal studios.olivanders wand shop

How We Met

Allen Shirer and I have known each other for many years just not directly. We went to the same school, his stepmom was my baby ballet teacher and his two younger sisters also danced at the same dance studio. His family was also members of the local country club I worked at and he had a membership at the gym I also worked at. But we still never really knew each other. New years eve of 2014 that all changed. We were out with mutual friends and ran into each other. He was my first kiss of 2015 and every year since.

How They Asked

When it came to proposing he did it perfectly. I always wanted something very personal I special spot to us. The back story to the place is that Allen and I went on our first vacation we went to universal studios to explore the Wizarding world! Our first stop was going to Ollivander’s to get our wands. During the Ollivander’s experience, we were both chosen as a couple! It was an amazing experience. 2 years later we took our son back to the wizarding world.

Proposal Ideas Wizarding world of Harry Potter universal studios.olivanders wand shop

We went into the gates and everyone went straight for the new hagrid ride. We instead went to Ollivander’s to allow our son, Archer, to get a wand of his own. We were the only three inside the experience. Ollivander’s chose us and went through the choosing of the wands. Olivander himself described the cores of the wands as soul mates. The two people chosen by these wands were perfectly matched and balanced for a perfect life together. Next thing I know. Archer hands me something and says “look at dada!” I turned around and Allen was down on one knee, telling me he chose me.

It was the better then I could have ever imagined.