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how we met

Ali and I met in the romantic world of online dating, in January 2015. I had just gotten out of the Air Force, serving six years as a JAG attorney, and I decided to take a year to do non-profit work in Gulu, Uganda. As fate would have it, I met the love of my life online, about one month before my departure to Africa. We started talking with each other, and it was clear there was a strong connection. Eventually we talked on the phone and Skyped, and it slowly became clear that I needed to see her before I left the country for a year. So I flew up to Seattle from Texas, where my family lives, and we finally met in person. By the end of our mere 3 days together, we knew this had to go further. So we decided to make the leap into a long-distance relationship, spanning multiple time zones across two continents and one ocean over the next year

She ended up visiting Uganda for 10 days in May; I visited Seattle for 10 days in October. Those were amazing times for us, but most of our relationship consisted of early morning or late night Skype sessions over the next year. But we knew it was temporary, and we further knew there was no way we could go into next year being apart from each other. So as soon as I flew back home to Texas, Ali flew down for Christmas, we packed my truck, threw in our dog “Hank”, and drove up to Seattle for the next adventure. Shortly thereafter, I got a job and began the engagement planning…

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how they asked

Once it came time for the proposal, I knew I wanted to do it on her favorite beach. She always goes there to collect beach treasures, like sea glass, old industrial metals, and drift wood. I wanted to use that theme for the engagement as well, so I found an old metal tin with a shell on top and a small velvet box that would fit inside. I also knew I wanted to whole thing documented. so I got in touch with Emerald Media. They were amazing!! They met me two weeks before the engagement just to scope out the site, and we planned he whole thing. I told them the date, and they said they would be there an hour in advance to setup. Perfect.

So…one gorgeous Friday afternoon, we decided to take a “routine” walk to our favorite beach. We got tot he beach and walked around for a few minutes. I had the tin with the ring box inside my small backpack. I wanted it to look like I had just found it on the beach. So when we got to the spot where the Emerald videographers/photographers were (perched away and above us, hiding behind trees, with actual leaves/branches camouflaging their cameras!!), I knew it was time. I took the ring tin out from my pocket and placed it down in a spot where it looked like it could reasonably be found. She came over, as I told her I had found something. She couldn’t believe we had found this tin on the beach, but when she opened it she was surprised to find the ring box inside.

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I took it from her, got down, on one knee, and popped the question. She was completely shocked. She said YES, and Emerald came and took a bunch more video and photo stills that we’ll treasure to this day.

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Afterwards, I told her we were going to her parent’s house for dinner…which was partially true. What she didn’t know is that my parents, brother, her grandparents, and her two best friends would also be there. So she was doubly shocked. They all surprised her at her parents house and we had a great dinner together. A perfect day.

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