Alisia and Joshua


How We Met

We met in Geography class my senior year and he had returned for a “victory lap” after Grade 12. We did a couple group projects and assignments together which led to us exchanging phone numbers. He had to meet my parents before he took me anywhere including McDonald’s for lunch lol. After multiple text conversations and “hang outs” we became official girlfriend and boyfriend!

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how they asked

We just had our 5 year anniversary and a month later we went out for dinner with my family and as we were driving back to my house he told me he had some new songs he wanted me to listen to. A couple songs came on then all of a sudden his voice was coming out of the speakers talking about our relationship and how far we’ve come and how much he loved me etc. then he says “check the glove box” and sure enough this beautiful ring was there (he pulled over of course) and he asked me to marry him!! My favourite thing about this was it was exactly how they asked me to be his girlfriend so it was extra special and just how he wanted to ask me! BEST DAY EVER!
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