Alisha and Steven

How We Met

I had noticed Alisha several months before I moved to Maui and had asked a co-worker who she was. Come to find out she was on our team and worked in the building next to ours.

Shortly after returning from Maui, our entire team moved to a different building with an open floor plan. When we moved, there was a small “luau themed” party to celebrate the new location and the merger of another team. During this party, Alisha and I had a chance to talk for a while and get to know each other a little bit.

Alisha and I had a few more casual conversations in the office before I started messaging her on Facebook outside of work. Several weeks went by and I finally got the courage to ask her out to dinner with her saying yes to our first date at a local Mexican restaurant. Alisha was so nervous that she didn’t eat any chips and salsa in the fear that she would spill salsa on herself during the date (Alisha loves chips and salsa!). After a few hours of talking, sharing stories and laughing, we headed out to say our goodbyes where I asked for her number and was expecting a hug or other confirmation that she enjoyed the date and/or my company. Instead it ended with a simple goodbye (Turns out Alisha was not a hugger).

The day after our first date, I came in to the office all excited and as I passed by her desk, I smiled at her and said, “hello” and She replied with a simple cold/quiet hi and went back to work. I was a little confused because I had thought the date went well and took this as she wasn’t interested and backed off. A week or so went on and Alisha reached out to me and I had asked her about the morning after the date. She said that it was because she was nervous and that her co-workers were around and she didn’t want people in the office to think anything.

With conversations flowing again, I asked Alisha on another date to join me at Sea Fair with a couple friends of mine on their boat and she said yes. Shortly after Sea Fair, I had asked Alisha to join several other of my friends and I to a camping trip in Lake Chelan and she also said yes to this. Alisha doesn’t care for camping much and this is where I knew that she liked me.

After about a month and a half of going on dates, we went on a hike to High Rock Lookout and Alisha asked me to officially be her boyfriend. Alisha knew that she was the one who had to ask since I was ready to commit, but was waiting until she was fully ready.

how they asked

Steven’s version: A year and a half later, we went on a trip to Banff, Alberta because Alisha had been dreaming about visiting here ever since seeing photos of the location on Instagram and Pinterest. We flew in on a Thursday and I was nervously traveling with an engagement ring in my carry on, waiting for the right moment to propose and hoping security didn’t search my bag at the airport or Alisha would stumble upon it. The next morning after arrival we headed out to go dog sledding since Alisha loves dogs. Planning on proposing during this activity, we headed out to our location with the ring in my jacket pocket. While driving I managed to lose the directions and Alisha almost found the ring while she attempted to search all my pockets as I drove (luckily she didn’t)! The dog sledding was amazing, but there was never the right moment to step aside and propose since it was an action filled day. Nervous about proposing and carrying the ring around in secret, I decided I had to find a time to propose later that day.


Previously, Alisha told me it was very important to get a picture of the proposal, and I knew it was important to her to have the right location. We headed into town and I suggested that we should drive around and find cool picture spots (hoping one would be a good location to propose). Since Alisha loves photos, she agreed and was not suspicious at all – In fact she didn’t suspect a proposal would happen for at least a few months. We drove around exploring, but nothing seemed right for a proposal (a lot of viewpoints are right off the highway and I didn’t want to get down on one knee with a bunch of semi trucks zooming by).


We decided to head back to the hotel which was right on Lake Louise. As we arrived the sun was setting and the sky was all different shades of pink (later on Alisha told me this was really special to her because one of her memories as a child was riding a bike towards a pink sky and excitingly telling her parents she was “in the pink!”). Alisha suggested we take a picture, so I went to set up my tripod but it kept slipping on the ice and snow. Luckily a passerby offered to take the picture and as Alisha was distracted I told the guy that I was about to propose and to capture the moment in video mode. Impatient as the “good lighting” was going away, Alisha was telling me to hurry up and completely unaware of what was about to happen! I came over and posed for a photo, then turned and got down on one knee and asked Alisha to marry me. She stood in shock and not responding until eventually she mumbled out an excited yes!


Alisha’s version: Last November, Steven and I went on a vacation to Banff, Alberta. We left on a Thursday, and after months of obsessing over pictures of Lake Louise, downtown Banff, and the Canadian Rockies, I couldn’t believe our adventure was finally starting! At this point, we had been dating for a year and a half, and while I saw marriage as a future possibility, I wasn’t expecting a proposal anytime soon. Little did I know, my friends and family had been keeping a huge secret from me for the past month, and I was in for a big surprise!

The morning after arrival, we headed out to go dog sledding in Canmore. For those of you who don’t know me too well, I’m dog obsessed. I’m the girl who disappears at parties and friends’ houses to go hang out with their dogs. I’m like the crazy dog lady, except I don’t own any dogs and never had one growing up because my mom is allergic to them. While I haven’t lived at home since I was 22, my housing situation has prevented me from getting a dog, and I’m patiently waiting to live in a home with a large yard for my many dogs to frolic in. With that being said, going dog sledding was a dream come true!

After a terrifying drive through windy, icy, mountain roads, we arrived at the location, and around one hundred excited dogs greeted us! Once we were assigned our sled, I went and cuddled our seven new companions for the day, and then we were off! We were the first run of the season, so the dogs were all very excited to be back in the action and couldn’t wait to run. As we sled down snowy mountain paths, I rode in the sled wrapped in blankets, while Steven rode on the back helping to steer. We finished our journey sledding across a frozen lake. It was an incredible experience, and although I was freezing, it was hard to say goodbye to all the lovable dogs!

After dog sledding, we headed back to our hotel at Lake Louise to warm up and get some dinner. As we neared the hotel, the sun was starting to set, creating the most picture perfect pink backdrop against the mountains. I told Steven to drive faster, hoping we could get to the lake in time to get a picture! We arrived at the hotel just in time, and as I snapped a few photos on my phone, Steven was trying to set up his mini tripod to get a picture of us. The snow was hindering his attempts, so a stranger walking by offered to take the picture (which I later found out was actually a video). Not knowing the event that was about to happen, I kept telling Steven to hurry up and pose for the picture, before the light disappeared (he was busy explaining to the stranger what was about to happen and to try and record a full video). Eventually, Steven came over, and as the guy counted to three, Steven got down on one knee and proposed! Trying to process what was going on, my first thought was, “Why is Steven getting down on one knee? He’s going to ruin the picture!”. Then, the realization set in, and of course I said yes!


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