Alisha and Rory

How We Met

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Rory and I met just under 8 years ago. I applied for a position at a local coffee shop here in Tucson. He was working behind the counter while I interviewed with the manager. He told me later that he told the manager to hire me, and she did! He trained me, and taught me how to make lattes and mochas and run the cash register. We worked together for a couple weeks, a friendship quickly blossomed and soon we were inseparable.


For the last 7 1/2 years we have grown up together. We have lived in 3 different cities, gotten two degrees (and are working on two more), had so many adventures, and become more connected and in love than I ever thought was possible. He is truly my best friend and I am so excited we get to spend the rest of our lives together.

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It’s been such an amazing journey!

how they asked

Last summer we decided to plan a trip down to Mexico that would serve as our Christmas gift to each other. Rory found this place where you can stay in huts right on the beach and knew it was perfect for a relaxing getaway.

We flew out late Christmas day, and woke up on December 26 with this view from our home for the week.


We spent the day exploring the nearby town of Todos Santos, buying beautiful blankets, pottery and locally made chocolates.


At sunset we watched baby sea turtles be released into the ocean.

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On the 27th, we woke up and headed to the city of La Paz. We spent the day adventuring through the city and its nearby beaches.


On Monday December 28, we decided to “stay in”. We relaxed on the beach, reading and eating fruit from the local vendors. We snacked on fish tacos, drank margaritas and went for dips in the ocean. During the winter, whales migrate along the Baja coast making their way to the nursery lagoons in the warm Mexican waters. From the shore we watched their spouts, we could even see their backs and tails as they surfaced, and on a couple occasions we watched the interesting ritual of fin slapping. There was nearly always a whale visible, it was truly magical.

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As the sun began to set, we took another swim, and then settled in for the show.

With the beach to ourselves, I decided to set the self-timer on my phone in an attempt to get a silhouette shot with the spectacular sunset behind us.

Version 2

I started to make my way back to the camera to see if the photo had been successful, Rory caught my hand and asked me to stay and just watch the sunset for a moment with him. As we watched, he put his arm around me and said that he had a question to ask me.

I was in such disbelief. I said “really?” a couple times and aside from that was nearly speechless. He sweetly reminded me that he had asked me a question.

Being in such a remote part of Mexico, neither of us had any phone service which meant that for the next 3 days of our trip, Rory and I got to soak in the engagement bliss-just the two of us. I so appreciated the time to process such a momentous occasion and celebrate with my new fiancee.

Rory says that the moment we planned the trip, he knew that’s when he was going to propose. I can’t believe he managed to keep the secret for the first few days of the trip, much less for the months leading up to it. I was completely surprised

I’m so excited for this new chapter of our journey!