Alisha and Michael

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How We Met

It all started four and half years ago when we both worked overnights and start chatting with each other. One night we were both working and bored we decided to play twenty questions. So I decided to ask if you could date anyone right now who would it be, he said Richard Simmons laugh out loud, but I have to say you and I said ok then why haven’t you asked me out. Then a couple week later we had our first date and been together ever since.

how they asked

Then may 2016 we were unable to go out for our anniversary since it was on mothers day, he was like we will go out the end of may I wanna take you someplace special and it’s gonna be early. I was ok. So on an early Saturday morning in may of 2016, we woke up got dressed up and drove out to Newburyport, MA I asked where we were going, but he would not tell me where he was taking me.

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So then We pull up to this amazing lighthouse there that you can eat in. It was so romantic and beautiful like something out of a fairytale overlooking the ocean, but still had no idea was about to happen to me. We explored the catwalk outside and inside the lighthouse a bit, then ordered breakfast chatted and ate. Then he asked if I wanted to go back outside on the catwalk again. I was like okay he went first which was unusual did not think anything of it. By the time I got through the little door he was down on knee holding the ring out and said my full name and asked me to marry him. I cried and felt like I was in a fairytale. I mean getting proposed on top of a lighthouse was romantic and he had someone take a picture from two buildings over he went all out it was just us two and the waitress and at the end, He told me I tried to make it as close to your favorite Disney movie as possible which Aladdin. We can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives with each other our date is set for 2018. We hope you enjoyed the story and choose us!