Alisha and Mathew

How We Met

In the summer of 2016, Mathew and I were matched together on the Indian dating app, Dil Mil. I live in California and he lives in Texas. In early 2017 Matt took the leap and visited me in California. Instantly we fell for each other. We started planning monthly visits and even vacations with our friends and family. As time flew by we got to know each other more and more to the point that I knew Mathew would be the man I marry. And in February of 2018, my dream became a reality when he asked me to be his wife!

Alisha's Proposal in Houston Texas

how they asked

When Matt and I see each other we usually plan the weekend out in advance. One of us is always traveling since we are long distance so planning the weekend to a tee is a must. During our planning process, Matt mentioned we got invited to his friend’s party. Excited that I would get to be his plus one, I agreed to go. Saturday finally came around and the whole day I was looking forward to meeting a new friend I haven’t met before. On the way there I asked Matt where his friend was having his party. He told me it was near downtown Houston. Specifically by the bridge over Allen Parkway. A year ago we hung a lock on the bridge with our initials on it.

Proposal Ideas Houston Texas

Oblivious it was part of his plan, I asked him if we could see if our lock was still there. Without any hesitation, he agreed. We walked over to the bridge and found our lock. I was so happy that it was still there with our initials still sharpied on it. Matt asked me to turn the lock around and when I did, it read, “Marry me?” In shock, I looked back at him and he was down on one knee. He said the sweetest words to me followed with, “Alisha Elizabeth Thomas, will you marry me?” I don’t think words can describe how perfect that moment was. It will forever be my favorite day. How I got lucky to one day marry the man of my dreams, I’ll never know.