Alisha and Kaleb

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How We Met

It was September 2011 and I had just moved into an apartment with two other girls. I overheard that one of our new next door neighbors was outside, so I quickly put some shoes on and went to “go get something from my car.” I found Kaleb on the floor of the breezeway taking apart a piano. We quickly became good friends, my roommates & I were always hanging out with his roommates & him. How ever close we were though, Kaleb & I were never interested in dating one another. He was my annoying neighbor who always checked in on my dates and I was his quirky neighbor who begged him to get late night tacos every night after work.

It only took two years of living across the hall from each other, some mild flirting, and me moving an hour away before we realized just how perfect we were for one another.

Now we’ve been together almost two years!

how they asked

Kaleb and I had been talking about getting married for some time before we actually got engaged. He is living in Southern Indiana while I’m still living in Tennessee so we’ve been anxious to finally be living close to each other again.

We had taken a weekend trip to Missouri where his whole family is from. We were there family photos with his immediate family. I was kind of skeptical about being in the photos since I actually wasn’t part of the family, but I was still excited because it was a nice gesture on Kaleb’s part. We took some group photos and some couple photos. Kaleb’s brothers took photos with their little families, his parents together, and then it was our turn. The photographer gave us a few different poses to try out, and then nonchalantly suggests “Kaleb, get down on one knee.” Of course I was confused and thought “Why the heck are we pretending to do this? It’s not funny!” Little did I know that Kaleb actually had a ring in his pocket the whole time! He pulled it out, looked up at me, and asked if I would marry him. I’m pretty sure I yelled “Of course!!” He came up to hug me, I was crying my eyes out. It was such a long time coming!!

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And as if that wasn’t perfect enough, mid sob I look up to see my whole family (from Tennessee!) running out from behind the tree line!!

It truly was more than I could ask for! Looking back on it now it feels like a crazy dream.

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