Alisha and Javed

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How We Met

June 2, 2014 – That was the day my life changed. I traveled almost 14-16 hours from Dallas, Texas to Mumbai, India for the first time, alone. My grandfather passed away recently and I rushed to take care of my grandmother and be there for my family. One day during church, an old woman came up to me mistaking me for my mother, who she hadn’t seen in years. I let her know that I’m her daughter and recently arrived from the US for the summer. She became increasingly excited and asked me to follow her to meet her grandson. I absolutely love little kids, I was so eager to follow her. However, when she led me to someone, I never knew would end up being the love of my life. This 6 ft 3-inch man turned around, looked me right in the eyes, and instead of saying something cheesy, he said “If you wanted my number, you could’ve just asked me for it. Why go through my grandmother for it?” He caught me off guard so much that I gave him a witty sarcastic remark right back, which left him stunned. You can say that still hasn’t changed, even 8 years later.

How They Asked

Javed knew that I’ve always wanted a Tiffany setting since I was 14 years old. He had the photo saved on his phone ever since our first and only conversation about rings. (Fun fact – my ring is the EXACT one that was saved in that photo, down to the carat size too!) The proposal and ring are both out of this world and made/planned in only 4 days. I guess when you’re ready, even the stars are aligned and help you out too!

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Even though the proposal is really about the “soon-to-be bride”, it was extra special to this “soon-to-be groom”. I was spending Christmas with my family in Dallas, Texas like every year. We go see Christmas lights and enjoy each other’s company. This year was a little different though, at the end of the evening, my mom told me that she’d allow me to go on a trip with Javed and his friends to Dubai for New Year! I was shocked! Dubai has always been a special place in our hearts, it was our place where we laughed, we cried, we shared, and most importantly we loved without a care in the world. Javed was in Muscat, Oman at that time visiting his best friend for the holidays and they were all traveling to Dubai after. I quickly booked my tickets for the night of the 25th and flew out of Dallas on the 27th. Since this was such a last-minute trip, I had no idea he had something else up his sleeve.

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The most magical day in my life and something I’ll forever replay in my head over and over (ladies, he set the bar REALLY high) was on December 30th, 2021. I came back home from lunch that afternoon when Javed said that we have to attend a sunset soirée / sundowner. I was hesitant at first, but he seemed adamant so I eventually gave in if he promised to leave early if I got bored. I got ready and put on a dress from Target (definitely not the dress to get engaged in), and the second I came out of the room Javed was hesitant (thank goodness).

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We love color-coordinating our outfits and he suggested I wear a black dress since he was going to wear a black shirt and a gray suit jacket. I packed a black dress for New Year the next evening, but I agreed eventually to wear it. When I walked outside after getting ready, he was too stunned to speak – just like when we first met. We grabbed our things and headed out. On the way to the Shangri-La hotel, Javed reassured me and apologized for not planning something special since the trip was such a last-minute decision. I understood and told him that the most important thing is that we were together and I didn’t want anything else.

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We arrived at the hotel and went upstairs to the top floor where the soirée was held. We were greeted by numerous individuals right at the front to direct us where we needed to go. I looked around the corner and noticed rose petals on the floor of the terrace and squealed since I love red roses. Javed mentioned that his client’s wife loves roses as well and decorated all of them. He also grabbed my hand and told me to hurry up since everyone was waiting for us.

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I opened the door of the terrace and there was a photographer and videographer right in front of me capturing the moment. When I saw the “Marry me” sign right in front of the Burj khalifa, I was speechless and couldn’t believe my eyes. The man that has told me every little detail about himself and his life, planned such a surprise for me that was out of this world. As I was shaking and crying out of pure happiness and joy, he asked me to marry him. Now, we’re getting married on our 9-year “love at first sight” anniversary and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve loved then, we’ve loved now, we always have, and we always will!

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