Alisha and Cody

Alisha's Proposal in Pismo Beach, CA

How We Met

Flashback to October 2013, I was driving on the freeway when a truck pulled up next to me and waved….little did I know that moment would forever change my life. I laughed, waved back and thought that would be it. For the next 25 miles, we laughed and waved until the mysterious truck man held his number up to window! I texted him, telling him he was going to make me crash. Before even asking my name he asked me out! I still laugh about it to this day.

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I followed up with…well who are you? I came to learn we lived an hour apart from each other and he was going to be driving through my city in the next couple days and asked if I’d like to get dinner. I said yes and anxiously waited for the night to arrive. I was nervous to give him my apartment number so asked him to let me know when he was in front of the building. When I got the text, I anxiously walked around the corner and down the stairs to see his white truck parked waiting for me.

When I saw his face for the first time up close, my heart stopped. Our conversation instantly began to flow and we came to realize we had similar interests, hobbies and even shared mutual friends. He took me to dinner, opened my door, didn’t let me walk on the outside of the sidewalk, gave me his jacket, paid for the bill and we even shared our first kiss. After he dropped me off I knew I wanted to see him again. A couple days later he would be passing back through town and I extended an invitation to come line dancing with me! Not only did he agree but he showed up at my apartment door, flowers in hand, with brand new cowboy boots (later I found out these were a size too small but he danced all night through the pain!), a new shirt and the cutest smile. I laughed and haven’t stopped laughing since. Love has a funny, actually hilarious, way of finding us even when we least expect it. You just have to believe it’s out there.

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how they asked

March 30th 2015. Talk about the surprise of a lifetime! After telling me he had a horrible day at work (to cover up any nervous signs he was showing), he said we should go out to a nice dinner and watch the sunset beforehand. We headed to a spot we’d been before that overlooks Pismo Beach. The wind was HOWLING! He suggested we take a picture and when a gentleman below us (who was also taking pictures of the sunset) asked if we’d like for him to take our picture.

Little did I know this was a planned photographer!! He climbed up the rocks and made his way over. After he snapped a couple pictures on my phone he asked if he could take a couple with his camera. I would later come to find out Cody was holding the ring behind my back without me knowing! He turned, started to get down on one knee and at first I was in a state of confusion until he looked up and said, “Alisha Ann…….” My heart stopped. The whole world stopped in that moment!

The man, from the freeway, was down on one knee asking me to be his wife?! What! Cue the tears. Also, cue me almost falling off the rock and him having to hold me up. Then, in a confident and shaky voice, the words “YES!” were squealed out!

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