Alisha and Ben

Alisha's Proposal in La Crosse, WI

How We Met

It’s your typical, small-town Wisconsin high school love story… Ben and I met at the 17th birthday party of a (sort of) mutual friend. We didn’t actually speak to each other much the night of the party, but we both later admitted that we were stealing glances at each other all night. I got a text from him a few days later and we hit it off right away. Since we didn’t go to the same high school, he used to visit me when I worked at Subway (he once paid for a sub in all dimes — a move he swears is the one that won me over), and we’d sit in the parking lot after my shift, talking and playing Catch Phrase in our cars. One night in June 2011, he made me climb into his pickup truck and we drove down the back country roads surrounding his house until we came to a little lake with a little dock. We laid out on the dock and looked at the stars, and that was where he first kissed me and asked me to be his girlfriend! The rest is history.

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In August of 2016, after five years of dating, Ben and I moved in together and I started grad school. At that point, I felt very ready to be married and had been (half) jokingly bugging him about proposing, sending him pictures of rings I like, and telling him that once we hit six years together we had better be planning a wedding! I never got much of a response from him, so after a while I determined that he must not feel ready yet and decided to stop pressing the issue. Little did I know, he had already purchased a ring… In November, I planned to visit my younger brother at school in La Crosse for his birthday. Somewhere along the way it turned into a family trip with my mom, my little brothers, and Ben. La Crosse is known for its beautiful bluffs and hiking trails, so the first we did after getting checked into our hotel was go for a hike!

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No one was acting strange, so I was not suspicious at all. I just enjoyed the crisp fall weather with some of the people I love the most. When we got to the top of the bluff and took in the gorgeous views, I spotted the perfect spot for a photo opportunity. I asked my mom, a photographer, to take a picture of Ben and I out on the rock. We climbed out there and posed for a few shots. As I turned to look at Ben to make sure he wasn’t making any goofy faces, he slowly got down on one knee… Whatever happened next is a complete blur, but my mom caught the whole things on camera (thank goodness!).

It was simple, completely unexpected, and absolutely perfect. We spent the rest of the day smiling, laughing, and calling our closest friends and family to tell them all the great news. Then, we celebrated with dinner and drinks downtown with my brother and all of his college buddies.

We still like to joke about how I planned my proposal without even knowing it, from the trip to La Crosse to the exact spot on the rock where I became the future Mrs. Martell !