Alisha and Ben

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How We Met

We used to work together at a bar in Chicago called Joes On Weed St. I was a server and he was security. We would see each other when we would work together. He planned a birthday party at Joe’s and my roommate had to go to the ER so I missed his birthday party and told him I would go out with him and my roommate for a Sunday Funday to celebrate his birthday instead. We went out and the rest of his history. We started dating on Oct 8, 2015.

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How They Asked

I had started a new job and I came home after my first day to a card in our laundry room that read “let me tell you a story, follow the strings”. He had twine clotheslined throughout the downstairs of our home with pictures attached all over. It then leads to a card that said: “And then…”…I looked out the window to Ben standing there in a sport coat with tears coming down his face. He had twinkle lights hanging from our pergola, flowers from my favorite flower shop in Nashville (Mint Tulip), a bucket of champagne, and a photo of my mom who passed away with candles surrounding her picture (the date she passed is actually his birthday). He then grabbed my hand and could barely get the words out and then he got on one knee and asked me to be his forever.

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Special Thanks

Kaitlyn Potgeter
 | Photographer
Brian Potgeter
 | Planning