Alisha and Akshay

How We Met: We met through common friends, he added me on Facebook and I accepted his request. I travel frequently to Delhi for modelling work so on one of my trips we had chatted and got along, and we kept in touch on and off for 6 years. Recently this year i went to Delhi for a shoot and we got in touch and met up. When I saw him and we got talking I found him to be a very happy and positive soul.


I that happy in life and he really managed to light my life up and so we got closer and closer, we started hanging out daily at his restaurant, going clubbing, driving around in the car listening to music, playing playstation, he would come and pick me up from his shoot and we would hang out


And one day he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes! It was really unexpected and it was the happiest day of my life!

IMG_3834 copy

how they asked: He asked to see my jewellery collection and asked me where my rings were, I didnt pay much attention as i was busy cleaning my makeup desk. He quietly took one of my rings and left the room.

In the meanwhile i got a facetime call from my mom who lives halfway around the world and i got busy talking to her. Meanwhile he tells me he was cooking in the kitchen but secretly he had gone out with his cousins and picked up some gorgeous rose petals.

When i disconnected my call he called me into the other room so i figured he wanted me to try out something he had made, when i walked in i saw that he had created a beautiful heart made from red and a few white rose petals, the room was dark and there were a few candles lit up.

He then got down on one knee and said i don’t have a ring right now but one day i will have your perfect wedding ring, until then make do..and he had made a ring out of a bread tie which was very cute.

I was so happy and surprised I didnt know what actually happened…I said yes!!!

I’m very excited for the future, I love him so much…