Alisha and Aaron

How We Met

Aaron and I met through Tinder!

I had recently gotten out of a long-term relationship and Aaron had been through the world of online dating for a couple years. I downloaded the Tinder app at the encouragement of a friend, and Aaron downloaded it as a last resort. We were each other’s first (and last, thank God) “Tinder Date”.

On our first date we went to the Santa Monica Pier, where Aaron asked if he could hold my hand. I said no, and he thought it was all over! By our second date, I was kissing him goodnight. What can I say? When you know, you know.

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how they asked

On November 5th, 2015 I proposed to my then-girlfriend, Alisha. This is our engagement story:

I rented out the 1927 built San Gabriel Mission Playhouse Theatre. Our anniversary had just passed so I was able to play this off as my surprise present to her. Upon arrival we walked past vintage Alice in Wonderland (Alisha’s favorite movie) posters and into the empty, elegant theatre. In that dreamlike moment, staring at the theatre’s rustic and rich history, we embraced shortly before heading to our seats. There we found our favorite candies, Milk Duds and Whoppers, sitting respectively on our chairs. We sat down, the lights faded, and the movie began to roll. The movie was, of course, the 1951 animated version of Alice in Wonderland. However, once the opening credits passed, the movie switched over to my proposal (at the 2:15 mark). This video is what Alisha saw that night… it served as a way for me to tell her how I felt using iconic movie moments to do so. Blending their tales with ours seemed only fitting. Once it was finished I walked Alisha to the aisle and got down on one knee. When she said yes, making me the happiest man in the world, I surprised her one final time by gesturing to the back of the theatre. Our families had been in hiding, watching the whole thing play out. Champagne, laughter and memories were had on the stage that evening as we all celebrated this next chapter in our lives. Thank you everyone for your support and well wishes!

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