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how they asked

..and then there was just Love. My boyfriend (now Fiancé) and I live in NYC. I’m originally from Germany so I don’t get to see my family as much as I’d like which is why we decided to go on a family vacation trip to the beautiful Island Sardinia in Italy. The vacation didn’t start off quite as expected due to flight delays, check in issues and so forth, but once we were all settled things just kept getting better by the day. On Thursday July 6th, 2017 we decided to take out the ferry from Olbia, Sardinia to the small Island of Tavolara to do a day hike to the top of the mountain. I’d say that in general we’re pretty adventurous so we were already a bit worried that it was just the ‘easy hike’ that our tour guide decided on (what were we thinking)… As soon as we got to the meeting point we were asked to pick out a helmet and harness. They must be super careful, I thought.. wearing a helmet for an easy hike? However, neither one of us asked any further questions as it was a beautiful day, there was no cloud in the sky and we just wanted to enjoy.

Once we arrived on Tavolara we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the island. A lovely natural beach and the water even more turquoise than expected. We were so ready to hike.. we thought. After about one hour of hiking through the narrow path surrounded by bushes and small trees we noticed more and more flies and bees following our group up the mountain. It was such a hot day and we were getting drenched in sweat. The tour guide eventually stopped and asked us to put on our helmets and harnesses. It was right in that moment as I tightened my belt that a bee stung me, on my left hand..! Trying to be tough and ignoring the pain I kept on walking until things got tricky. We now needed both of our hands to get from A to B. At that point I was getting excited thinking this hike is not going to be as easy as advertised. We went from hiking, to climbing holding our entire body weight with our arms trying to climb up on a small rope getting scratched from the cliffs all over our bodies.

This was definitely something that neither Ryan or I had ever done before. As we pushed forward, not trying to look back down, bouldering along the side of the mountain and often without any safety rope or net we were getting more and more nervous. Finally we made it to the top. It was absolutely breathtaking, these views (!) and we were enjoying every second of it. I did get a bit confused when Ryan asked a lovely Australian couple to not just take a picture with my nice Canon Rebel T6, but also a video with my phone.. he must be so proud of him climbing up that mountain I thought..

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Then he got down on his knees and popped the question 565 m up in the air on the highest peak of Tavolara Island.. or at least I think he did, but as soon as I realized what was happening I instantly started crying and shaking. I must admit I don’t remember a word he said.. There were floods of happiness running through my body. A ring looking right at me, so beautiful, so perfect, in a small navy vintage box almost as beautiful as the ring itself.

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My treasure. .. and of course I SAID YES. After 6.5 years in the making this was a perfect surprise on top of a Mountain on a beautiful Island outside of Italy. Even if this happy moment only lasted about 15 minutes until we noticed that we have to somehow make it down the Mountain (rappelling down the mountain with no water left, Ryan hanging on with only one hand off of a cliff at some point, me almost slipping down the mountain that left me with a bloody LEFT hand…) it was of course the highlight of our trip. Once we got down the mountain we ran into the beautiful turquoise sea laughing and smiling, still amazed at what we had accomplished by climbing that mountain and finally.. getting ENGAGED.

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