Alisa and CJ

Proposal Ideas Paris, France

How We Met

We met a long time ago at a mutual friend’s birthday party in May of 2008. There was an undeniable connection from the very beginning. We went on to hang out for a couple of weeks, even months. I even baked CJ a cupcake for his 17th birthday! Fast forward to February of 2013, we end up catching up Facebook. The sparks fly and it’s beginning to look, more and more, like fate. A few days later, we have our very first date and it’s been nothing short of an adventure ever since!

How They Asked

We decided to go on a trip to Europe, with two of our friends, and travel to Iceland, Netherlands, England, and France. I spent weeks meticulously planning our itinerary for each country. So, it’s safe to say that the proposal was the last thing I was presuming! We’ve traveled through 3 countries and were halfway done with our Eurotrip when we arrived in Paris. We spent the entire day walking through Paris, taking in all the beautiful scenery, through several points of interest, our way to the Eiffel Tower. Almost a dozen miles later, we arrived at the Eiffel Tower, but CJ wanted to keep walking, to capture the tower from the Trocadero Gardens – I thought nothing of it.

Where to Propose in Paris, France

We proceeded to walk and made it across the Champ de Mars and over the Seine river, and up the stairs onto the Place du Trocadero, where the Eiffel Tower can be seen perfectly. The next thing I know we are posing for a photo, with our friend Mike behind the lens. CJ begins to repeat “I love you” over and over while kissing me. As I began to put the pieces together, I see CJ reach up to me with the box, while simultaneously dropping to one knee – I was so captivated and overwhelmed, I grabbed the ring out of the box! Within seconds of saying “I do” and sealing the deal, the Eiffel Tower lights up – it was pure magic!

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