Alisa and Christopher

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How We Met

Christopher and I met in September of 2013.

We met through mutual friends. Christopher had a long time crush on me (he admitted) but was never brave enough to make the first move. I also had a bit of a crush on Chris but I was waiting for him to approach me. Finally, Christopher and I both attended a night out in the city for a mutual friends birthday. Chris only decided to go to the event because he heard i was going to be there which i thought was super cute. As soon as I saw Chris that night I knew it was him that i wanted to spend time with.

His first words to me that night was “i have been waiting to talk to you for the longest time” – my heart jumped and we stayed together the rest of the night.

Fast forward four years later..Christopher became my best friend, my soulmate and the love of my life.

how they asked

It was a rainy saturday night and usually (if not always) our saturday nights consist of a movie and popcorn. However this saturday night Christopher wanted to go out to “dinner”. Being that i did not know he was going to pop the question i told him i rather stay home and watch a movie (especially because it was raining).. he got me out of the house when he told me he would get me a big bowl of pasta (i love pasta) – i finally agreed to going out & off to dumbo we went..

We parked the car in the lot and began walking in the rain. It was dark out and all i kept thinking was about that bowl of pasta that i was going to devour (so i thought) – finally we passed the carousel in downtown brooklyn..still not thinking anything of it Chris takes my hand and says “listen i lied about the pasta…but i have something better…..” it was then i saw a HUGE CUT OUT HEART on the ground with rose pedals and led candles…….i began to scream (good screams) Chris gets down on one knee and askes me to marry him- it was one of the BEST moments of my life. I turn around & see my two future brother in laws recording it and taking pictures. My future sister in law with her two beautiful kids (my future niece and nephew) were also there to greet me. It was unreal. It was perfect.

But that wasn’t all. Chris planned a huge surprise party back at my house with my entire family and close friends there. My mom, future mother in law, future father in law and future sister in law decorated my house so beautifully.

I felt like i was in a dream. It was a night i will never forget.

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