Alisa and Anthony

Image 1 of Alisa and Anthony

On June 14th, 2015, woke up feeling super hyped because I knew we were going to the Dolphin Show; I love Dolphins for as long as I can remember. I knew he went all out to sign me up in advance just to get a kiss from the dolphin so after the show others went down to get their kiss but I hadn’t any ticket to get my kiss, he told me we have to come back at 2pm. I patiently waited for 2pm, not knowing it was more than a show that was waiting for me! At 2pm, we watched the show, after that only who signed up to get “a kiss” along with their family members were escorted into a theater to look at videos about Dolphins while being told the trainers will come in a few, so I started to question him, what’s going on, he said he’s not sure. 15 minutes later, the trainers came and took us by groups and next thing I am told to change to go into the sea so that I can “interact” with the dolphins. I got so nervous because all along I thought was to lean over and get a kiss I asked him again what is this all about.

I just wanted a kiss, he said I’m special and it’s my heart’s desire to see the Dolphins, that’s why he wants me to interact with the Dolphins. I was scared and at the same time happy.. While we interacted with the Dolphins the rest of the family was up at the platform looking on. Out of no where the trainer told me “we usually don’t do this, but I would like you to play a game with Caiyo”. She threw a toy in the water, blew a whistle and told me to splatter the water a little and Caiyo will bring me the toy, Caiyo happily swims back with the toy poked his nose out of the water and there was a beautiful diamond ring strapped on the toy. I blanked out for that moment. I just couldn’t believe my eyes, Anthony was standing right next to me, I turned to him, breathless and burst into to tears, some how I managed to say YES!!!!

This guy has a big heart; he showers me with so much of love, the relationship we share is so phenomenal because of the person he is and I am so happy and blessed to be his fiancée. It was quite a proposal, a perfect one! I love you Anthony, thank you so much for pouring your heart out in such an amazing way.